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Baby Planet
Baby Planet Solo Sport Umbrella Stroller

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I absolutely LOVE the Baby Planet Solo Sport stroller


I can not even begin to say enough great things about the Baby Planet Solo Sport stroller! My husband and I both love this stroller. Not to mention our daughter loves it as well. I went on a mission to find a great umbrella stroller once our daughter outgrew her travel system stroller. We had a little umbrella stroller as well, but it didn't have all of the functions that we wanted. We really wanted a lightweight stroller that would allow our daughter to recline in case she wanted to take a nap while we were out and about shopping. We also wanted a stroller with a decent sized basket to hold our daughter's things, and occasionally our things as well. I was also interested in finding a stroller that would not tip over if I had bags hanging off of the handle when my daughter got up and out of her stroller. And of course I wanted a stroller that folded up small like an umbrella stroller. Well I found everyone of these attributes in the Baby Planet Solo Sport stroller! I loved that I was able to find this stroller at a great price, and that it is completely recyclable when we are done with it. I, however, don't foresee that we will be getting rid of this stroller anytime soon. Our daughter has used this stroller over 2 years now, and it still looks like it's in perfect condition. We bought the cobalt color so that we could use it with subsequent children, and now we are pregnant again and plan on using this stroller for our daughter once she is out of her infant seat and travel system stroller. I really can not talk any more highly of this stroller! I recommend it to anyone looking for the convenience of an umbrella stroller, with all of the functionalities of a larger stroller!

Gate City, VA


The Baby Planet Solo Sport is AMAZING !


I love my Baby Planet stroller! It is the perfect in-between a full sized stroller and an umbrella stroller. It is super lightweight, I can pick it up one-handed. It folds and unfolds super easy, again, I can do it one handed. Even though the stroller is extremely lightweight, I can pile tons of shopping bags on the back of it and it still wont tip. Unless I have A LOT of stuff on it wont even tip when my son gets out! Its is a very durable stroller, I have been using it for close to 2 years now and nothing has broken or gone wrong. It steers very easily, and the wheels roll very smoothly.  The under-seat basket is huge, which is something I really wanted. I also LOVE how easily it reclines. You just pull down on a little tab and the seat goes back. My son is always falling asleep in the stroller so its great to be able to just lean it back without waking him up. Best stroller ever! I would reccomend it to anyone.

Manassas, VA


Baby Planet Solo Sport stroller is durable


I spent a lot of time looking for a good baby stroller to use once my daughter had outgrown her infant seat (we had another stroller for that). I loved the design of this one and I liked that it was considered a lighter stroller.  It does not take up a ton of room in the trunk. It is easy to open and close and is pretty durable. After over a year of use, the wheels are still in great condition. The only part of it that is showing major wear is the seat.  The section where the child puts his/her feet is all frayed from my daughter's feet rubbing it. There could be storage space and we added an extra accessory so that we could put something to hold our keys on it.  The cup holder does not stay on well but it's a flimsy piece of plastic so I expected that to happen. I think that another way to make this better would be to somehow attach a "basket" underneath it. One thing you should be aware of is that there is no "bar" or "tray" on this and there are no accessories on the market to make one. Overall, we loved this stroller!

Buffalo, NY


Baby Planet Solo Sport Umbrella Stroller

4.7 3