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Baby Orajel
Baby Orajel Liquid Teething Medicine

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A great stand-by!


I have used Baby Orajel Liquid Teething Medicine with all my children, and it is one of those things that I always keep in the medicine cabinet. It works very well to numb the gums that are hurting from teething and is easy to apply to the gums. It was a little runny, but I liked that it wasn't too thick that it would stick in my baby's mouth and allow her to swallow it while it was concentrated. Of course it wasn't the best tasting thing in the world, but it wasn't horrible, and I only apply it when the teething pain was pretty bad. Overall, I would recommend having a tube of this on hand to take away some of the pain of teething, or any other gum pain that may arise in our little ones. This is a solid product.


Valrico, FL


Definitely worth having on hand


My daughter hates it when I put orajel on her but it does seem to help. We have found the original formula (pink orajel) seems to have the best taste. She did not care for the newer cucmber flavor at all. I have tried many tricks for easing her tooth pain: catnip tea, frozen washclothes, clove essential oil diluted with water, frozen chew toys, and pedialyte popciles but I have to say that the orajel does seem to work the best and also the quickest. Most recently I was pleased to find out that they also make a night time orajel formula which is a little stroner than the original and lasts longer. I have added this to my "night time tool kit" and I do think it seems to help longer. Also, they make cotton swabs with orajel on them which are also nice. They make it a little easier to get in there, particularly the back molars and also protects your fingers from being bitten once your little one starts getting a few teeth in there!


Mount Joy, PA


Baby Orajel Liquid Teething Medicine does it's job.


My son has been teething for a couple months now and we have tried different products on him to see what works best. The Highlands Teething Tablets worked wonders, but were recalled so we were forced to try other things. We tried this liquid orajel on him and it does the trick. It doesn't seem much different than just a regular little tube of orajel except it is liquid. You still put it on your finger just like the gel, and you still put it on their gums the same way. My son doesn't seem to like the taste, but he doesn't like the taste of the cherry orajel, or the regular baby orajel either, so I wouldn't expect much different. This product serves it's purpose and makes the little guy stop hurting, but he hates actually having it put on his gums. He goes a little crazy for about a minute once it is applied, but then calms down when it soothes his pain. Good product, but a little messier than the gel. I personally will stick to the gel from now on until the Highlands Teething Tablets are put back on the market.


Chatsworth, GA


Provides short term relief from teething


I have used Baby Orajel teething liquid with three teething babies, and it does seem to provide short term relief from pain associated with teething.  It is a little messy to apply, and the babies generally do not like the taste.  It can be hard to get right on the sore spot on the gum, and you need to wash your hands after applying.  Usually, however, the baby does get a bit less fussy after applying the Orajel.  It is fast acting, but it does not seem to last very long.  I have also tried nighttime formulas and they are no different than day time formulas.  The bottles are small which makes them easy to take with you, but it also means that you go through the Orajel quite quickly and it is a bit pricey.  But for the relief it does provide, it is worth the cost of the product.  Instructions are easy to read, and the product can be found at most any store.  I have recommended this in the past and will continue to use it in my own household.


Lagrange, OH


You probably have a better solution in your spice cabinet.


When it comes to my baby, there's nothing that I won't do to make sure he's comfortable.  Teething has been one of our biggest battles of parenthood.  Now, he has one tooth and another is making its grand entrance today.  Teething is not fun for mommy, and can't be any better for baby, either. We used Oragel for our baby because everybody uses it.  All the parents I've babysat for in the past have used it, and I thought it was one of those necessary items that's just part of the territory. Wrong! Our baby never liked the taste or the effect of Oragel (well, minus the fact that it lessened his discomfort).  He screamed every time I'd try to put it in.  I tried other things, too, but nothing ever seemed to help much. My sister-in-law told me that she'd heard that if you use pure vanilla extract, it will numb the baby's mouth, and we tried it.  We rolled a paper towel and put the tip in the vanilla.  Then, we put it up to his gums and let him chew on it for a while.  I expected him to hate the taste, but he loved it. And the best part?  He didn't fuss for hours! So, Oragel is great for the diaper bag, but for home, we're going the natural route.  Besides, it seems to be more effective anyway! It's worth a try, huh?


Bardwell, KY


Great for a teething baby in pain!


I really like this product. I have used it for both of my children, my son recently got his first two teeth and teethed for a long time before that. He was absolutely miserable and would wake up during the night crying and was difficult to put down for bed or a nap. When I used the oragel it was like instant relief. He didn't seem to fond of the taste, but it did work for him because as soon as i would rub it on his gums it was like he was a completely different baby. He was able to calm down and relax enough to go to sleep which was good for me too because then I could get to sleep. As a busy working mom, this medication was a lifesaver for both of my children while they were teething, my son in particular. The best part of this product is how quickly it works and provides teething pain relief. If I could change one thing about this product I would want it to come in different flavors or even unflavored because neither one of my kids were crazy about the flavor.


Cleveland, OH


This stuff is way messier than regular Baby Orajel gel.


I was using [Baby Orajel gel][1] and had great results with it, but when I went to the store to buy more, they were out of it, so I had to buy **Baby Orajel Liquid Teething Medicine **instead. Regular Baby Orajel comes in a small tube, and you can squeeze out the product onto your finger or a cotton swab and then apply to the baby's gum area.  Beside having to wipe off your finger afterwards, it's not messy at all.  Well with **Baby Orajel Liquid Teething Medicine**, the product comes in a small bottle with a hole at the top.  You squeeze the bottle and liquid comes out.  The liquid is so thin, it drips off of your finger and makes a mess.  If you try to use a cotton swab, the liquid gets absorbed into the cotton because it is so thin and runny. Once you do get the product to the troubled area, it does work, but the process of getting there is harder than it needs to be.  I don't know why they even invented the liquid version, because the regular gel is just fine. **The Scoop!** This product was just too messy for me to purchase again.  I wouldn't recommend it, but I do recommend the regular [Baby Orajel gel][2] . [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Baby-Orajel-review-7d759 [2]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Baby-Orajel-review-7d759


Camp Lejeune, NC


Baby Orajel Liquid Teething Medicine

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