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Baby Lock
Baby Lock Esante

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BabyLock Esante BLN is a great machine.


I've owned a number of machines over the years and still own 2 cast iron singers, a BL serger and this Esante BLN. I love the BabyLock Esante BLN's quietness, the lighting, the smoothness, consistancy of stitches, ease of use, and the dependability. Top bobbin is a joy! You can pop it in and out easily from the top and see how much bobbin is left! My machine is 10 years old, and I am the second owner for 7 of those years. I did some embroidery early on, but now use it mostly for quilting/repairs/dress making and recently used it to make vinyl luggage for my dog crates to go on top of the roof of my car. Using a 16 needle, going through 2 layers of thick vinyl was fine, 4 layers (with seams) was a bit too much for it. I have never brought it in for servicing, but I will now and have them look at the needle threader and give it a wellness check-up. This is an amazing piece of equipment that is a joy to use. If there is any difficulty with this machine, have a technician look at it - this is truly a trouble-free machine even at 10 years old. I would have no hesitation to purchase this machine used.

Williamsburg, VA


expensive and doesn't do the job and is extremely frustrating


I have owned this machine for several years and paid a premium price for it. It has been in for servicing several times with no better results. In short it DOES NOT SEW. If I do anything other than a simple procedure such as sewing cotton it will not work. It skips stitches. The thread breaks constantly. Freemotion quilting has thread breaking every few stitches, skipped stitches if there is any bulk, I have been told to change the needle, use only cotton thread??? and I have even been told that people now days do not sew per se. they do crafts and that the machines of today are geared for that. Yes it does cut the thread, have needle up and down, embroider ( with constant thread breaks) and many other features but what good are they if you can't sew with the machine? I have sewn for over 50 years and am ready to quit because of this modern invention from Babylock. I would not buy a computeris ed machine again. The old standard machines would be my choice.



Fantastic embroidery/sewing machine


**Love my Babylock embroidery machine it has been a very usefull and creativity machine. Since I have no artistic ability use my m achine to create designs and change colors, as well digitzie a design which I did for our Senior Surfers Computer Club it was surfer board with monitor on top of it. The apply logo was for a Apple machines** **Would not trade this machine for all the tea in China, very creative adn great for making clothes, embroidery etc.**

Newark, DE


Pleasure to use!


This machine not only can create thousands of embroidery embellishments it is a dream to sew with.  I am able to download unlimited patterns on line for my use.  I find it very entertaining to just watch as it stitches the embroidery patterns even though it is almost hands free.  You only have to listen for the beep indicating it is time to change thread color, low bobin thread, or if the thread breaks (this is unusual if you use quality thread and needles).  It creates effortless buttonholes and decorative stitches in the sew mode.  I have been sewing for 40 years and this machine is a dream come true.

Ellensburg, WA


Endless options with this machine.


This machine does beautiful machine embroidery as well as sewing through any fabric flawlessly. Comes with plastic case, I personally would prefer a metal machine case rather than the plastic case it its manufactured in. It is also very heavy, so if you are looking for one to take with you to classes it can be done but you will need muscles or a rolling bag. I purchased the Palette software so that I can download designs from the internet to a blank card that fits in to the side of the machine. If you need help, the help screens are awesome! It will tell you how to put in a zipper, do a blind hem stitch and so much more. I've had this sewing machine for many years and it has been very dependable....no repairs required, only cleaning & maintenance.  This is an excellent versatile high-quality machine for anyone from the beginner to the pro-- it does it all (except cut out the pattern...) It sews well and is fun to use. I have had several sewing machines and if I ever have to purchase another I will only buy a Babylock. 

Milwaukee, WI


Baby Lock Esante

3.8 5