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Baby Lock
Baby Lock Ellageo

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My Baby Lock Ellageo is by far my most favorite possession.


If there was anything ever to covet, this combination sewing and embroidery machine is it.  I have been sewing since I was a little girl.  I started out with my mother's Kenmore and made my way through several average sewing machines.  Then I got serious.  When you are ready to start making the majority of soft furnishings for your home and/or crafting as a business, Baby Lock makes an amazing, versatile computerized sewing machine that will change the way you sew forever.  This machine is an older model in the world of computer sewing machines, but not antiquated in the least.  It offers many types of stitches and patterns, with every "thing" adjustable, such as your thread tension, stitch length, stitch width, speed, etc.  It also comes with an embroidery console and hoops for custom monogramming, applique and quilt stitching.  The emboidery functions take some time to learn -- not so much with programming the machine -- as learning how to center and hoop your fabric, the kind of stablizer to use, choosing the right thread, etc.  The possibilities are seemingly endless.  It is quite addictive when you realize how much you can expand your creativity and the incredible professional results.  The stitching is perfectly even, no bobbin thread knots or loops.  I really cannot say enough about this machine.  I'm sure I don't even fully use all of the features, espcially the embroidery features.  It comes with Pallette, a software to create your own embroidery patterns that can be uploaded to the machine.   Baby Lock is a superior brand, and this is a wonderful multi-purpose sewing and embroidery machine. 

Austin, TX


Best combination machine for embroidery and sewing.


It is a very easy machine to learn to use. Has a lot of built in stitches. Also can be used for quilting. Contains numerous Embroidery designs.  The Babylock Ellageo can read designs from a small embroidery card or from 3.5" floppy disc. Comes with the regular sewing table and the embroidery table. Has it's own carry case, there is a carrying case for the embroidery table. There are also 4 different size hoops for embroidery.  Numerous sewing feet for different types of sewing patterns. Some of the supplies are needles, bobbins, thread spools and covers in different sizes, seam ripper, small pair of scissors, instructions book, embroidery book, stitch book, video, foot pedal and cord.  The sewing feet store in the sewing table attachment.  I received a few extras with my machine.. a knee lift for quilting, a quilting table, a continuous embroidery hoop and designs. This is a great sewing and embroidery machine.

Dunnellon, FL


Baby Lock Ellageo

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