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Baby Lock
Baby Lock Decorator's Choice Sewing Machine

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Mine must have been a lemon


Nothing but problems from the word go. Finally got the shop owner to sit down with me - took 2 hours - and he replaced the needle threader, adjusted the bobbin threader (could not do an even bobbin), replaced the scissors (they did not work), and it looked like I would like it. I had complained for 2.5 years about the thing! Count'em folks, 6 weeks later, am sewing along and all of a sudden great gobs of thread clogging up the bobbin area. So now it has to go back to the shop. I hate the #!& machine!!!! I should mention that I have a babylock quilters professional, and other than the weight, I absolutely love it - but it only does a straight stitch, and wanted some fancy ones, so bought the decorators choice- worst but of my life....



A step up from my Singer


I do a lot of sewing, mostly curtains and I needed something that could keep up with all my orders. I previously was using a singer which was a gift from my mom. It just wasn't cutting it, so I did my research and found really good reviews on the babylock. It was a bit of investment for me, but I took the leap and purchased it. It's just the small things on this machine that make it so much better  than my singer. I like how it is easier to wind a bobbin, and to thread the needle. The motor seems to be more powerful and the feed dogs handle more layers of fabric easier.  I find that I have less pulling on the fabric with this machine and if I do need to adjust the tension, it is pretty easy to do so. I love all the different stitches that come standard wtih the machine. It is nice to have all the options although they may not get much use. I would recommend this to a more avid sewer. I was happy with my singer when I was doing occasional sewing. With the amount of sewing I have been doing lately, I find that the Babylock has been worth every penny. I would not tell someone just starting out sewing to make such a large investment in this machine.  

Collingswood, NJ


Love my machine


I have had mine now for severl (the first model to come out. It is very easy to use and I use mine for quilting mostly. I lke the way it threads and sews. You set the dial to a 1/4 inch seam and just guide the material. Seam comes out perfect everytime. If I needed a new machine today, I would just upgrade to the newest model.

West Palm Beach, FL


The machine performs very well.


I am a beginning quilter and I wanted a machine that would be easy to use and do the quality sewing and the fancy stitches I wanted to add to my quilts.  I find the Babylock machine to have all these features.  It makes my quilting very easy and I'm pleased with its performance. 

Fremont, CA


Solid, versatile machine for sewing and quilting


Although I never would have imagined spending four figures on a sewing machine, I haven't regretted this purchase one bit. The machine is easy to use and lots of fun. It comes with a wide variety of feet--most are snap-on, which makes changing feet for various stitches, well, a snap! For the ones that require removing the foot shank, a small screwdriver is included. It, and the feet, stow away in a hinged compartment right in front of the bobbin case. Can't get more convenient than that! The Quilter's Choice has 189 stitches divided into utility and decorative categories. Two monogramming alphabets are available; the letters are small, and best suited to making quilt labels. You can store commonly-used monograms in one of the memory pockets and pull them back up with a few button touches. (Like speed dial for your sewing machine.) A small stippling stitch is built in, but you won't want to quilt an entire quilt with that--it would take years. A large stippling stitch would have been nice, but free-motion quilting on this machine is a breeze with the included darning foot. Stitch sizes can be adjusted in decimal increments using the arrow keys under the small LED screen. Seven buttonholes are on board, and sizing them couldn't be easier: you just put the button in the back of the buttonhole attachment and it figures out the size you need. Oddly, the buttonholer goes backwards first when making a buttonhole--exactly the opposite of other machines I've used, and kind of counterintuitive, to me at least. The drop-in bobbin has a see-through cover, making it easy to determine if you're about to run out of thread (usually--dark colors can be hard to see, although maybe it's just my ancient eyes). Winding a bobbin also is easy, and the machine stops when the bobbin is full. Tension and presser-foot pressure adjust automatically to the fabric. Best of all is the automatic needle threader! It can't be used on twin-needle sewing, but that's no big deal. A section of the machine base comes off for free-arm sewing, and an included extension table can be added for more support when quilting or sewing large projects. A hard case is included, but it's nothing more than a slip-over-the-machine shell which doesn't provide a great deal of protection, and no storage space. I bought a nice carry bag; if you plan to tote the machine around a lot and have back issues, a wheeled carrier might be best. This is a fairly heavy machine. Among the many settings are needle up/down, beginning and ending backstitching, and pedal-free stitching. A slider lets you control the machine's speed--good for limiting leadfooted beginning sewers, or for controlling speed when sewing without the foot pedal. My only quibbles about this machine are the horrible mechanical noise it makes when you turn it on (Babylock's programmers really need to talk to the Apple guys ... still loving the Mac startup chime!), and the fact that no matter what position you leave the needle in when you turn the machine off, on startup it defaults to a far-left position. When I first had this machine, I broke a needle because I had the quilter's 1/4-inch foot on, and the needle hit the foot instead of the tiny hole in the center of the foot. Also, you have to return the needle to center to thread it. Why the default needle position isn't the center is  mystery.

Ambler, PA




I just wanted a sewing machine that would do lots of things (small quilts, clothes, crafts.)  I am not experienced enough of a sewer to need one that specialized in any one thing.  I am very happy with my purchase.  It is so easy to thread the bobbin and load thread.  I hardly needed to use the book.  It is nice that the machine came with everything the beginner/intermediate sewer might need to get starter. (Minus the material, thread etc of course.) I am not too crazy about the alphabet on the machine, I don't think you can adjust the size, and they aren't super clear on material.  Overall, I would not go back... I am very happy with my machine, and will be able to learn a lot more and expand my sewing ablilities with it.

Hazelwood, MO


Baby Lock Decorator's Choice Sewing Machine

4.0 6