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Baby Jogger
Baby Jogger Spirit Stroller

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Bumpy ride and tough maneuverability


It's an too expensive of a stroller to be so difficult to steer and to use. It's good looking and luckily it was given to me by a friend who no longer needed it. I definitely would have been upset to have paid a lot of money for this as I know my friend did. For me, the fixed wheel was awful because we are not just jogging in a straight line. Plus I wanted to use it for all types of terrains. The fixed wheel does not allow this! So I recently upgraded to a different model and brand that allows the front wheel to be fixed or to swivel. Design It's a great looking stroller and it's really nice looking. Mine was not brand new and still looked good. Safety It was safe and had all of the proper straps and harnesses as it should. Child Comfort My little one loves going for a walk and always seemed content in this one as well as his cushy one! Maneuverability The fixed wheel was terrible and if you're not going to be turning often it won't be a big deal but for us it was not good as we plan on using to jog and in the running trails. Durability As I mentioned mine was used and given to my by a friend. I'm not sure how long she had it but she did use it daily for atleast a year and it still looked brand new.



Depends where youre going.


Fixed wheel strollers are great. If you're pushing it continuously in a straight line. Terrible in large crowds ...impossible in malls. One place for these walking trails. Design It just depends where you're going with it. Does not take corners well. Constantly tipping child back to get the stroller on its back wheels to turn it. But a swivel wheels stroller if you want to bring it anywhere besides the road/trail.



Works well!


I managed to find this awesome jogging stroller for a very inexpensive price at a local thrift store. I was completely excited to try it out! When I got home, I immediately put my daughter into it and took it for a leisurely walk around the block. It went over the rocks and bumps in our driveway brilliantly! I've ran with it a couple times, and I love the design of it! It will lean backwards if you put too much weight on the handle, but I like this feature, because it keeps you from leaning on it while running, therefore making sure you don't "cheat" during your run. The big wheels minimize bumps, and I think my daughter really likes to ride around in it. The seatbelt is easily adjustable, and it looks like it will last us for several years until she's old enough to run along side me. Definitely would recommend this jogging stroller! Maneuverability It's a little hard to do sharp turns, but this makes it less likely to tip over.

Hartville, MO


Baby Jogger Spirit Stroller

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