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Baby Jogger
Baby Jogger City Elite Double Sport Stroller

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Big, but handles great


This is a big stroller, make no bones about it. A standard doorway is 30"; this stroller measures 29.50"...and that is without the plastic rain cover. It is also long and high (I'm tall, yet when the sun hoods are open, I can not see the front of the stroller). It is also heavy, coming in at 35lbs empty. Having said that, the Baby Jogger CityElite Double handles really well. I can, for the most part, use just one hand to steer and push it...even fully loaded (which can be over 100lbs). The large tires are great for handling bumbs, dips, curbs, etc. The downside of the ability to handle all of the weight is that the tires need to be checked regularly to ensure that they are at the proper/recommended pressure. The other disadvantage is that the seats are very deep. This makes it hard (if not impossible) for the kids to see each other (I think that they were nearly 18 months before they were big enough to see each other). The flip side, of course, is that they are great for sleeping...and ensuring that one does not wake the other (which OFTEN happens in my smaller double). The seats have an "infinate" number of positions for reclining (they go almost fully flat). They are also well vented to provide good airflow (vent's can be covered for warmth in the winter) The hoods have several different positions. When fully extended they provide great protection from the sun and rain (although you will still want to use the rain cover for anything heavier than a mist) The handlebar, which runs the full length of the stroller, is not only comfortable but can be set in a large number of positions, depending on your height and other needs. As noted above, because there is only one handlebar, it is possible to push the stroller with one hand. There is an attached safety strap that provides great piece of mind. Overall? I still love my Bugaboo Cameleon, but for a double this is the best that I've found Design This stroller is easier to push with one hand than some of the other strollers are with two Safety Some time ago we were rammed by a delivery guy on a bike; the bike was damaged, so was the stroller, but the kids were just fine Maneuverability Looks like a Hummer, drives like a ferrari (as long as you don't have a riding board attached...in which case it's terrible)

New York, NY


Baby Jogger City Elite Double


I absolutely loved this stroller while I had it. It is truly the easiest stroller to fold and unfold. Each seat does fully recline independently as does each canopy retract independently, which was a must for my 2. The push is smooth and easy. Everyone who pushed my stroller for me instantly fell in love. The basket is ample enough for jackets, bags and whatever other goodies you need to lug around. The handlebar does raise and lower to make it easier on daddy's and mommy's to use. Truly a great stroller.

Sherman, TX


Excellent high class double = BJCED


If you need a double stroller with all terran air-filled wheels, consider this one. I had the Mountain Buggy Urban Double for awhile, but I did not like that the seats did not incline enough. The child was forced to lean way back, and my child likes to look out and be engaged. Turns out I have the same complaint about this stroller, but it is not as severe as with the Mountain Buggy. I guess those who prefer the Mountain Buggy don't have kids whom this bugs. This stroller is fine for tall parents. The handlebar is adjustable, which is great. This stroller is way to heavy to be our in-and-out of the car stroller. We keep this in the garage for walks outside, and it is great for that. We have occassionally loaded it up for events where we will be outside all day, but it's a beast for that purpose. The sunshades are very good. The basket underneath is roomy, and there are a ton of compartments on the pack on the handle for keys, cellphone, drinks, sunglasses, snacks, etc. Now, it's a soft compartment so will need to be things like water bottles with lids, not coffee cups--those would spill and splash.

East Moline, IL


Baby Jogger City Elite Double Sport Stroller

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