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Baby Einstein
Baby Einstein Flashcards

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Absolutely wonderful teaching tool for my toddler!


The Baby Einstein Flash Cards are wonderful.  We use the animals with my daughter.  She will imitate the sounds the animals make when we show her the cards.  I believe it has really helped her developmentally word wise.  She also loves to dump the cards out, and stack them in a pile and try to put them back in the box.  So they have many uses!

Logan, UT


Very fun and educational


We received our first set of these for Christmas, and I can honestly say we weren't all that excited. We have had flash cards in the past and while they are great for the first time you use them, they tend to lose their interest quickly. Well that isn't the same for these. These are very informative and gives the user ideas on how to keep little ones interested. For example each card has three teaching tips and seven language lessons. We have used these over and over. They are made of very durable card stock and have lasted our first toddler and now being used by our second. You won't be disapointed with these.

Rapid City, SD


A wonderful learning tool with realistic pictures!


Baby Einstein Flashcards are a wonderful learning tool for your toddler who is just learning new words. The pictures on the flashcards are realistic (ones that you would see in the real world, i.e. a real dog as opposed to a stuffed dog) which will help your child connect with the things that s/he sees in the outside world. The back of the flashcard (the part the parent sees) has facts on the back about the word / picture that your toddler is viewing so the parent can engage with their child about what they are seeing. My daughter loved these cards when she was first starting to learn words and helped her to verbalize things that she saw. I own all of the different sets of Flashcards and definitely recommend them! Fantastic!

Kingsburg, CA


Love these cards!!


My daughter just goes crazy over anything Baby Einstein, she is drawn to their dvds, books, toys, and the flash cards are no exception! I love the interaction the cards require from you as you look at the pictures and discuss each one. My little girl is only a year old but she just sits and studies these for hours! She already knows a dog, cat, frog, bird, etc. because we go over the cards so often. These are a great learning tool for you and your baby to see pictures of animals they might not see every day. The cards are sturdy and handle all the normal "baby wear" from little fingers (and being crawled on!). I love that they are a good size for her little hands to hold them and sort through them without getting frustrated about not being able to pick them up easily. I love that Baby Einstein has a mixture of animated colorful pictures and real life pictures so they get a good mix of it all in one card!

Buford, GA


not my favorite flashcard set


I have used a variety of baby einstien products and had quite different result with them, loved some, hated others, this falls on the lower range of the scale. I am a bit flashcard obsessed so i have bought several types but this one kind of leaves me flat, its almost like several types of flashcards go shuffled together at the factory. The numbers and shapes are very clear cut but some tims the examples are hard to understand like 3 mustached finger puppet representing three, instead of something like apples. Sometime the photo looked like they just pulled something our the stock photo file and sometimes it looked like baby einstien products it was just very inconsistant. I like that they have parent help idea in the card and i like that they have 6 blank cards for you to make your own. Actually that inspired me to make my own and he like his word flashcards I made him much better than the Baby Einstein ones.

Galveston, TX


the baby einstein flashcards are a great teaching tool early on.


these baby einstein flashcards give your baby the head start he/she needs to learn things every kid will need to know. you can teach your children new words and pictures all in one set. kids have the poteintal to learn at an early age if you give them a chance. flash cards are very practical, couple that with some hands on objects and you'll be a great teacher in no time.

Ashland, KY


Not happy with the Language Discovery cards


WHAT I LIKE: The names of the items are in the back in many different languages, the cards have guided instructions on how to use the cards with your children, and several cards can be grouped so your child can learn sorting/classification (e.g., vehicles, birds, food).WHAT I DON'T LIKE: This set contains mainly pictures of toys, e.g., dog puppet, stuffed duck that doesn't look all that much like a duck, old-fashioned toy car, etc. Plus, the Language Discovery set has odd cards in it: Futuristic toy robot? (Toy) horn that my child will never see anywhere till he's in junior high band? I was really disappointed NOT to find realistic photos of actual items (e.g., photo of a real, live dog!). Realistic photos of things commonly seen are what help babies learn best.



Baby Einstein Flashcards

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