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Baby Einstein
Baby Einstein Baby Einstein - Animal Exploration Crawl Tunnel

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A lot of fun


I got this for my oldest daughter when she was little. At first she was afraid to go in it, but I crawled in there to make her feel better and it worked! She loved it after that. It was very simple to put together and it also came with several hanging toys. It lasted a long time and the only reason I ended up getting rid of it was because it took up too much room.



Lots of fun for my son.... and my husband


This was great fun for my son when he was crawling, and it is big enough for an adult to crawl through too, so my husband would race my son around the room and through the tunnel and it was a lot of fun for them. My son did always think it was hilarious for one of us to be laying in it and sticking out both ends. It was definitely one of the toys that got packed up by the time he was about 18 months old though because at that point he would just start moving the entire thing around and would have been able to destroy it pretty fast.  I still think it is a great toy for a crawler and actually wish we had gotten it sooner. It is a weird combination of real pictures and cartoon pictures, but that is how a lot of the baby einstein stuff is... it never bothered our son obviously, it is just a little weird to look at as an adult. I also loved the things hanging inside it. He would hit at them and he liked it when we used the hooks to make them low so he would crawl "through" them. 

Laveen, AZ


nice and colorful


This is the most colorful toy that I got for my son to play in. The tunnel has a great quilt on the bottom of it that has very colorful squares and is a pleasant place for my son to play on. The tunnel teaches my son to crawl more so that he does not depend on me to get me from place to place. This tunnel has a see through wall which my son loves to look through when he is in the tunnel. This tunnel is easy for me to store away when my son is not using it. It folds up very small and it fits into the closet so that it is not bulky. This tunnel has toys on it that my son likes to play with while he is in the tunnel. The bottom quilt on the tunnel has many different animals on it that are full color and my son likes to look at them when he is in the tunnel. The walls of the tunnel are breathable because they are made of mesh. That helps to put my mind at ease when it is hot because I know if my son somehow gets himself twisted in the tunnel, he will be able to breath. 

Waterford, CT


Baby Einstein tunnel could entertain my baby for hours


We bought this for our little girl for her first Christmas.  AT the time she was only one month old but she loved laying in it just looking around.  I really think at that age she would have just laid in it for hours if we had let her.  When she got a little bit bigger and was able to roll she would roll over in it and make sure she got the crankly leaf.  She would play and chew on it and get mad when I would go to get her out.  Now at 9 months old she is just starting to crawl through it but still the leaf grabs her attention and she has to play with it for a minute or two first.  Our almost 2 year old also loves playing in it of course it doesn't hold her attention near as long as it does that of her sister.  The only bad thing I can say about it is where one of the poles go through it has poked a hole in that part of the fabric.  I really don't think this would happen with normal use but our oldest also thinks he needs to play with it and has been rough on it at times.

Crumpler, NC


Your baby will just love it


This baby ienstein tunnel is is over 4 feet long and soft pad at bottom, the tunnel has lots of little animals pictures on it and different textures through out it. it came with a little bird that chirps and a plush rattle, another rattle, some animal cards, and a teether. All five can be hung in the loops of the inside roof in the tunnel. my son just loved peaking through the little mesh windows in the little tunnel to find me and he was busy with it alot giving me lots of time to do chores at home. this will definitly keep them busy for hours on end, its tunnel is machine washable and colapsable for easy storying and traveling i fell in love with it and so did my baby boy. only thing is that when they are learning to stand and try to grab on to it its imposible and might make the baby hurt themselves, but other than that it is a five star recomendation to all the moms who have three month olds.

Canutillo, TX


Baby Einstein Baby Einstein - Animal Exploration Crawl Tunnel

4.4 5