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Babi Italia
Babi Italia Natural Glider Cradle

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Glide Your Baby to Sleep With This Outstanding Cradle.


  The **Babi Italia Glider Cradle **was something we fell in love with the minute that we saw it in the store for the first time. We needed to have a cradle in our bedroom when the baby first came home from the hospital, and this one the one that we both fell in love with while we were searching the stores.  It turned out to be a really good decision, because not only did we enjoy having it in the room for the baby, it is extremely portable so that it can be moved all around the house.  The wheels on the bottom of the cradle can be locked when it's not in use so you don't have to worry too much about rolling out of control, and the portability of being able to move it around the bedroom just puts it over the top. The Babi Italia Glider Cradle comes completely disassembled, so it does take about an hour to put it together out of the box, but the steps are really simple to accomplish, and the directions are very well explained.  The lightweight feel of the entire cradles makes it easy for just about anyone to put it together, and that gives this cradle some more bonus points in its construction.  The crib is also built with very sturdy construction, so once you put it together, and make sure that you have followed the instructions, you know it isn't going to cause any safety risks to you or your baby.  The great thing about this cradle, is that not only does it provide all the functionality of a cradle, but it does so in a stylish fashion that makes it look like a great piece of furniture in your house.  Regarding the functionality of the cradle, as seen in the picture, it is partially a glider that can be controlled by the easies of hand movements from your bed, so you don't even have to get up to rock the baby.  That glider aspect can also be locked in place if you want to make sure that the cradle is kept immobilized during the night.  This cradle is built for any baby less than five months of age, and weighing up to 18 pounds.  It is built with some great bass wood, and has a really nice finish that almost makes the wood gleam.  We highly recommend this cradle, because it not only looks great, but it served us well in rocking the newborn baby to sleep at night.

Spokane, WA


Babi Italia Natural Glider Cradle

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