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BabeeTenda Babee Tenda High Chair

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Baee Tenda is the cadall


The Babee Tenda High Chair is the luxery high chair of the last 50 years. I have used this high chair at many high end daycares and homes in my carreer as a nanny. This high chair never fails to impress me.

San Jose, CA


A Highchair that grows with your child


My wife andn I were impressed with this particular item when we attended a Babee Tenda presentaion when she was pregnant with our first child. We had not purchased a highchair as of yet since we had not come across any that we liked. Any parent knows how expensive any childrens equipment can be so something that grows with a child is always a plus in my book. This particular chair has a wide tray which helps minimize messes, the height can be adjusted. The seat itself can be lifted out and moved forward & backwards. The tray can also be turned around when your child is ready to be placed at the table. It also came with a chalkboard that be can be put on top of the tray-my children are loving this option right  now. When we have company, the table works perfectly for them to eat at .All in all-money well spent. They will be able to use this for many  more years to come. Would highly recommend this to anyone.

Dundalk, MD


BabeeTenda Babee Tenda High Chair

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