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Bab-O Bab-O Gel with Bleach

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I always used to use Comet powder


I live with my son,Bill and his wife,Lara. She brought home Bab-o instead of the requested Comet. What an eyeopener, it extremely cleaned, where as Comet had fallen short and I needed to bleach. Thank you Lara and Bab-o. C.J. Mac

Centertown, Mo.


Works OK for Bathroom and Kitchen Sink Cleaning


I use Bab-O Gel with Bleach mainly to clean my sinks and surrounding counter tops. It cleans off light debris from foods in the kitchen sink and toothpaste and other normal stains in the bathroom sinks fairly well. It is a gentle cleaner and does contain bleach which helps to kill gems and also brighten up the general surface of the sinks. It rinses thoroughly and is a good product for quick and light cleaning. Performance I would say that Bab-O Gel with Bleach is best used for a cleaning that is part of a normal and quick every day cleaning routine. It is alright for removing minor debris from sink or counter tops surfaces, but not that great for a more thorough cleaning needed to remove gunk like dried on toothpaste. I use it usually after I have finished cleaning up after dinner to remove any food particles that get stuck on the sides of my kitchen sink. It leaves my sink looking nice and shiny clean. Scent The scent of Bab-O with Bleach is pleasant. It is not strong or annoying in any way.



Bab-O Bab-O Gel with Bleach

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