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BaByliss Pro Ceramix Xtreme Pink Dryer/Iron (Breast Cancer Limited Edition)

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I want this soo mad this is so great


This is great drys your hair quickly and straightens fast

Dillonvale Ohio 43917

BaByliss hairdryer


I have gone through 3 hairdryers in 2 years . Not sure why I have such bad luck with them. My husband bought me my blue BaByliss hairdryer for christmas in 2009. I LOVE it. Love it. when I first used it I felt like I had stuck my head in an airplaine engine! I was so used to the crappy hairdryers that took 25 minutes to dry my thick hair. SO when it only took 8 minutes to dry completly I was more than thrilled! I couldnt believe how much time it saved me getting ready in the mornings. It makes my hair so much more smooth too and I have't had a single problem with the dryer and It has a five year warranty if something does happen. My husband has a thing with matching sets, so he had to buy me the straightner and the curling iron that all match and they are all great products! I can't say enought good about this dryer. I will never go back to using any other brand but BaByliss. I am a customer for life!!

Clarksville, TN


Best hairdryer I have ever owned!


Let me start by saying the correct name for this is not "Baby Bliss".  It is "BaByLiss" (upper/lower case as shown).  My particular model was part of an all-pink  Breast Cancer Awareness set that came with a straightening flat iron in a very nice, heavy-duty overnight case.  I had no prior experience with this brand prior to this purchase-- in fact, I had never even heard of it!  However, now I would consider myself to be a brand-loyal customer.  I use this dryer only on the cool setting and it dries my hair in under 5 minutes (my hair is below-shoulder length).  It is a 1900-watt ionic hairdryer with both a "test" and a "reset" button on the plug.  I have owned this hairdryer for approximately 7 years and it works as well as when it was brand new. This impresses me as I use it every day and it has outlasted my FIVE previous hairdryers!  BaByLiss hair dryers have a reputation for durability and, in my opinion, it is certainly well-deserved.  I would also add that this is the first and only hair dryer I have ever owned that dried my hair thoroughly and quickly using only the COOL setting.  I would highly recommend the BaByLiss brand to anyone in the market for a new hairdryer.  It is not the least expensive dryer I have ever bought - at least not for the initial cash outlay - but when the length of time it has lasted is factored in, it has worked out to be the least expensive in the long run.  It is also undeniably the best!

Fort Worth, TX


BaByliss Pro Ceramix Xtreme Pink Dryer/Iron (Breast Cancer Limited Edition)

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