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BSN No-Xplode Lemonade Frost

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Great Stuff


BSN hits another home run with their Lemonade Frost flavor of their preworkout formula NO Xplode. This stuff hits hard and does everything that you want a preworkout formula to do. The increased energy is immediate, coming on in less than 20 minutes. This is fueled mainly by the caffeine which also contributes other benefits to the blend. In addition to the feeling of better energy and alertness, there is also a change in energy utilization by the body promoting fat burn and allowing for a considerable shred. NO Xplode also provides its users with a concept known as the pump, which is fueled by the NO precursors in the product. These chemicals allow for better blood flow and vascularization of the muscle tissue, allowing for maximum fueling and promoting recovery. The flavors are awesome, the quality is awesome, the price is well worth the investment.



BSN No-Xplode Lemonade Frost

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