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Protein Powder
BSN Lean Dessert

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BSN Lean Dessert


Well I was up in Chapell Hill this past weekend and ran out of protein so I went to the nearest VS and saw the BSN Lean Dessert Chocolate Pudding for 10 bucks. I figured why not buy it..... Taste: eh 6/10 Not the best stuff but not like GNC 100%Whey... Syntha-6 tastes much better Mixed with milk the taste is a little bit better 7/10 Mixability: 5/10 Mixed OK with water, however it seemed that a bit of the powder would clump up in the shaker cup mouth part... I HATE THAT! Same with Milk, however the taste is better with milk Cost 9/10 I got the 18 serving container for 10 bucks, so it wasnt that bad, however I do not think all VS's will give you that price for the lady up there knows me pretty well and gives me a slight discount... regular price was 15.99 Overall: 7/10..... I honestly do not know why BSN made this.... Syntha-6 tastes better and mixes better... I've been a Syntha-6 for a while now and I think I'll stay that way.  

Myrtle Beach, SC


BSN has the best tasting protein shake ever!!


I decided to give this protein powder a try, after reading several great reviews on it.  I thought it cost a little more than others, but if it is good, I am wiling to pay more.  I went with the coconut candy bar flavor and let me just say, it was SUPER!!  It mixes very well in either milk or water.  It also tastes great in either.  Not gritty and easy to mix up.  It is totally worth the extra expense.  I have tried several other brands and flavors and they all taste like a vitamin or end up being gritty or hard to mix up.  I would totally recomend this product to anyone looking to try a great tasting protein powder.  I let my mom and my two little girls try it, and they all really liked it.  My girls are very picky, but they enjoyed this shake.  If you want a real treat, mix it up in a blender and add a few ice cubes with it.  It ends up beind a frothy cold shake!  I am sure all of the flavors are great from this brand.  I look forward to trying all of them soon!!

Savannah, TN


Very tasty shakes that are thicker than others


BSN Syntha 6 is the 3rd protein powder I have purchased in the last couple months.  The chocolate flavor is great, and I like that it is a thicker consistency than some of the other shakes I have had.  I have read a number of reviews of Syntha 6 saying that they had some of the best tasting flavors around. I can agree that this chocolate is much thicker and richer than the Body Fortress I have, but one must keep in mind thet you are not comparing 2 directly matching products. While Body Fortress is a whey proteine, Syntha6 is a protein blend. It includes whey, casein and egg albumen. This blend makes it a more prolonged protein release window.  The casein is likely what makes the syntha 6 thicker as it gels when in contact with liquid. Please don't be concerned that you will be drinking a thick jelly, as it simple makes more of a smoothie consistency. The scoop size is also larger than Body Fortress by 1/3 while only requiring 75% of the liquid. The chocolate is a tasy milk chocolate and goes down easily. While protein remains similar at 22 g per serving, calories are doubled to 200 and cholesterol is also higher at 18% Recommended Daily Allowance. I have mixed this both with a hand blender and by shaking in a plastic container with 5 oz skim milk, and have had no issues with clumping or poor dispersion. I have also used orange juice for a pre-breakfast muscle refueling and had no issues with taste or consistency. If you don't mind the calories and cholesterol, syntha 6 can be a good choice, although it is more expensive per serving than Dymatize or Body Fortress

Natick, MA


Makes a thick, creamy, filling protien shake!


I absolutely LOVE BSN Lean Dessert protien powder! They have such wonderful flavors: chocolate coconut candy bar, fresh cinnamon roll, chocolate pudding, banana cream pudding, banana nut bread, vanilla cream, and more that I havent tried. I LOVE all the ones I have tried! The shake whips up nice and thick. And you do not have to use milk with this, it tastes excellent made with water.The nutritionals are great too: in one heaping scoop you get 20 grams of protien for only 130 calories and 3 grams of fat. I love mixing the chocolate coconut candy bar with the banana creme pudding together with a banana, water, and some ice in the magic bullet. Makes a wonderful post workout snack or a great breakfast. The cinnamon roll tastes great mixed with canned pumpkin, a little cinnamon, water, and ice in the magic bullet. YUM I use the vanilla in my oatmeal. I add one scoop to one packet of oatmeal & one cup of water and stick it in the microwave for about 80 seconds. Perfect balanced breakfast. I have been purchasing mine from taylorsnutrition.com at a very good price.

Bevery Hills, CA


BSN Lean Dessert is what I've been looking for!


i absolutely love BSN lean dessert! as an athlete i found this stuff to be amazing with helping crave my appetite as well as recover after practice. the flavors are amazing, my favorites being the banana and vanilla : ) i would recommend this stuff to anyone who is looking for a great protein!

Salina, KS


BSN Lean Dessert

4.4 5