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BR111 wood floors

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BR111 is both beautiful and kind to the environment.


Br111 is a product manufactured in Brazil using environmentally friendly methods. The Brazilian government exercises strict controls over the farming and reforestation methods used by the company in the production of this particular flooring product, thus preserving the sustainability of their forest resources. This wood flooring product is as beautiful when installed in a home as it is environmentally intelligent! There are a wide variety of species and color choices as well as choices in plank widths. Most of the  wood flooring offered by BR111 is also of a superior hardness rating over North American woods. My favorite sample of this product is the Amendoim line. The color is lovely and can universally adapt to  many decoratng styles and preferences. I personally love the character and variation of the graining of each plank. This wood is available in three inch and five inch widths, but I think it shows best in the three inch plank width because more of the variation of color and grain shows! I would greatly recommend this flooring product to anyone looking to enhance the decor of their home                   

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BR111 wood floors

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