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BIC Soleil Shimmer Razor with Cocoa Butter

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I wouldn't buy this again


I like that there were multiple in the pack, but they caused irritation and didn't shave well at all.

Ontario Oregon


A good valued razor!


I've used a lot of different razors in the past several years...mainly buying whichever one was on sale. BIC Soleil razors are one of my favorites. They are not super expensive, but they aren't the cheapest razor either. They give a smooth shave with very few knicks, if any. I use shaving gel when shaving, which also helps. The blades stayed sharp for a long time. And the cocoa butter strip helped make my legs smooth. It didn't irritate my skin either, but I did have a smooth close shave. There are several different varieties of BIC Soleil razors and all of the ones I have tried have been good valued razors...nothing over the top, but they are sturdy and reliable. These razors are very consistent and reliable to be just as good as the one you had before. The quality control is very good. These can be found at any drug store, discount store, and even grocery stores, making them very convenient to pick up when you're running errands.



Pretty in Pink and sturdy too.


I always have a hard time deciding which razor to buy. There are a million brands, and even more choices within each of the brands. As far as BIC disposable razors for women, This Soleil Shimmer is the best. Not only cause the sparkly grip handle, but the razor head itself is great. It was one of the few razors, i could leave in the shower and it not rust in two days. The cocoa butter is nice and actually smells great. Love these razors.

North Canton, OH


Bic Soleil Shimmer, An amazing razor


The Bic Soleil Shimmer Razor with Cocoa Butter is an amazing razor. I have used Bic Soleil Twilight, Bella, and regular Bic Soleil razors in the past. I have always loved the Bic Soleil line of razors as some of my favorites. However, the Bic Soleil Shimmer Razor with Cocoa Butter is the best razor of their entire Soleil line. Usually, upon using a brand new razor, I would get cut, scratched, and knicked frequently upon shaving. However, using the Bic Soleil Shimmer Razor, I did not have this problem whatsoever. Ever since the first time of using this razor, I have not had any cuts, scratches, or knicks. The razor is comfortable to use and glides smoothly. My legs feel like they have a much closer and smoother shave once I am done. Because of the Cocoa Butter strip, I don't even need lotion on my legs when I am done shaving. Also, I have been using the same razor blade for over a month and it still cuts as smoothly and completely as the first day I began. The blades have a long life span.

Richmond, VA


BIC Soleil Shimmer Razor with Cocoa Butter is a great razor!


BIC Soleil Shimmer Razor with Cocoa Butter is a  great razor!  I have really enjoyed using this razor.  The moisture strip on this razor is wonderful, and glides very smoothly across the skin.  The strip lasts for quite awhile, as do the razor blades.  I change out blades very infrequently, maybe once a month and have never had any trouble with the blade staring to nick or rust.  The grip is very cushiony and easy to grasp.  The pivoting head works really well, although the blades did seem a little skinny to me at first.  This razor come with a very small and convienent holder that sticks to the wall, i have not had any issue with this falling off like I have had with some holders that have the suction cups on them.  If you do drop the razor however, the blade does seem to fall off rather easily.  I have never had any issue with is breaking though. This really is a great razor, and you can ofter find it for pretty cheap with sales being frequent and the papers often having coupons.  I would recommend this razor to a friend and think that it is a greta product to use.

Glenpool, OK


Bic Soleil Shimmer Razor looks better than it works.


I recently bought this BIC because I was looking for a cheaper razor. I love my Venus and have had one for years but it is so expensive to buy new blades for it. The Soleil Shimmer Razor immediately caught my eye because it was pink and sparkly. Two things that I love. The price was mid range. It had a nice sturdy curved handle with rubber grips and three blades for a close shave. I liked that it had a smaller sized moisture strip. I find the large moisture strips on razors feel slimey on my leg and when I forget it sitting on the shelf in my shower it sticks and forms a puddle of goo.  The Soleil does have a nice comfortable handle. It felt natural in my hand and didn't slip once. The cartridge fit nicely on the handle and accommodated curves nicely. The blades do feel cheap. It shaved close the first time I used it. My legs were smooth and didn't have any cuts. This razor did not shave as closely the second time and felt rough from the blades being dull. I still love the look and feel of the handle. It's very high quality but the cartridges that go on it aren't much better than disposables after the first use. I will definitely be on the look out for improved cartridges for the Soleil and give it a second chance.

Blue Earth, MN


Ew! Awful razor burns- painful and very unattractive.


I used this razor in the morning of November 8th, 2008. About an hour later I went swimming. Once at the pool, I noticed bright red bloody splotches covering my legs. I wish I had pictures to show how disgusting this looked. It stung awfully, and still hurts 24 hours later.  DO NOT USE THIS RAZOR!!

San Francisco, CA


A Pretty Razor with Above Average Results


This razor caught my eye solely because of the packaging.  There's something about a shimmery pink product that grabs my attention.  However, in order to keep my loyalty, the product has to work well in addition to looking good.  The **Bic Soleil Shimmer Razor with Cocoa Butter** did a great job at capturing my attention, and the product works well enough to keep me coming back for more. One good feature of the razor is the curvy handle that fits well in my hand and doesn't slip even when soapy wet.  The head of the razor does pivot nicely, and I didn't nick myself as I was gliding through body contours.  The razor is certainly easier to use than the generic throw-away razors that have straight, stiff handles. Another plus to the product is the 3-blade head that provides pretty good results.  The Bic Soleil Shimmer came in a package that included cartridge refills and a white plastic shower holder.  The razor quickly and easily releases the cartridge and the refill is replaced in a single motion.  Once you buy the razor, you can then purchase a box of refill cartridges separately. Like many other women's disposable razors, the Soleil Shimmer boasts a "soothing moisture strip" that runs in the same direction as the blades.  I suppose the purpose of this strip of cocoa butter is to moisturize the body as you shave, but I don't know how much practical use it really is.  Since I am already using a moisturizing lather as I shave, it's hard to see how the little strip adds any significant benefit.  Overall, my experience with the **Bic Soleil Shimmer Razor with Cocoa Butter** was slightly better than average.  I tend to think the moisturizing strip is a little gimmicky, but I did like the feel of the curvy razor handle and I ultimately got a clean shave when I used it. 

Chicagoland, IL


BIC Soleil Shimmer Razor with Cocoa Butter

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