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BIC Soleil Savvy Women's Razor

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I bought this product to take on my vacation. When i was ready to use it, the handle and the blade don't line up to be able to click in. Very frustrating when the closest store was 50klms away. Wasn't useful to me. As i threw away my receipt I could not return it when i got back. Not happy.




Pretty Good for the Money


I generally use a Venus razor to shave my legs. However, I had a coupon for the Bic Soliel Savvy, so I bought it. It does shave well, but it is also a little more prone to nicking my skin. Just be careful when you shave and you should be alright. The blades also do not seem to last as long as the Venus blades do. So while the razor may be cheaper when you first purchase it, you end up buying more replacement blades over the long run. Bic also makes disposable razors which I refuse to buy. I have yet to find a disposable razor that does not cut up my legs. So this product is definitely a step up from their disposable line. Soaking your legs in warm/hot water for a longer time before shaving does cut down on any razor burn afterwards. So if you have a coupon, I would tell you to buy the Bic. Otherwise, stick with what generally works for you.




Close shave, nonslip grip,


Love the grippy feature of the BIC® Soleil® Savvy™ razor! I am a total clutz, and have dropped many a razor in the shower. It really is a total pain, and also wastes precious shower time! I love that the razor is sharp enough to give that close, smooth shave, but also allows me to grip the handle without dropping it! A major plus when I'm looking for a new razor.




Good basic razor, gives a close shave for a resonable price.


There have been times when I purchased a cheap razor just because I didn't want to spend what I think is too much money for something that's disposable and only lasts a week or two, but experience has taught me the cheap blades just don't give you a good shave. I was extremely excited to try a free sample of the Bic Soleil Savvy through Bzz Agent because I like the quality of the Soleil product line and with the hot weather a smooth shave is very important to keep my legs looking nice in all the shorts and skirts I've been wearing! I've been using the free Savvy razor I received it every day for about a week now and I have to say this three blade razor works perfectly, the head can pivot only slightly, but it's just enough to move with your curves, the only downside I found was the moisture strip is small so you will need to use a good shaving cream or gel, but the shave is close and my legs look and feel smooth! I love that there are multiple blade cartridges included in the package, which are easy to store and to change. The button on the neck of the handle makes it easy drop out the dull blade and snap in a new cartridge in a second without any trouble and it's more ecologically friendly to just to change the cartridge because it creates less waste then throwing away a full plastic handle every time the blade gets dull! Overall, I think this is a good razor and I will be purchasing the Bic Soleil Savvy again in the future!


Schofield, WI


I love the close shave.


I have used the Bic Soleil Savvy razor and I love it. The Bic Soleil Savvy razor gives a closer shave than any other razor that I have ever used. I like the design of the Bic Soleil Savvy razor because it makes it easier and more comfortable to hold. The aloe strip at the top makes my leg feel smooth while shaving. I recommend the Bic Soleil Savvy razor to any female that shaves. I received this razor as a sample because I am a BzzAgent.


Liberty Hill, TX


BIC Soleil Savvy: A disposable razor with refillable cartridges!


I am a BzzAgent, so I received the **BIC Soleil Savvy Women's Razor** for free. I like it so much though, I'll continue to buy it! This is a 3-blade razor that is unique because it's disposable, but the package includes four replaceable razor cartridges. Unlike most refillable razors, once you've used all four of the cartridges, you throw the razor away and buy a whole new package that includes a new razor and four more cartridges. It's not a high-quality, metal razor like the Mach3, so it's not like you're throwing away a nice razor. This looks and feels just like the regular, BIC Soleil razor, but you're able to change the heads. I really like the **BIC Soleil Savvy Women's Razor** for several reasons. 1) Like the regular BIC Soleil razor, this is comfortable to hold because of it's shape and all the rubber gripping. 2) It provides a super nice shave. It leaves my legs really soft. 3) It's less wasteful than traditional, disposable razors that you have to throw away when the razor gets dull. With the BIC Soleil Savvy, you just replace the head when the blades get dull. Much less trash going into landfills. Besides the fact that the heads are replaceable, I don't see any difference between this razor and the regular BIC Soleil razors that come in an orange package. I do like this product and will buy it when my cartridges run out.


Camp Lejeune, NC


BIC Soleil Savvy Women's Razor

3.8 6