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BIC Comfort 3 Razor for Women - Sensitive Skin

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Just great!


I use BIC Comfort 3 Razors for Women with Sensitive Skin every time I shave. It cuts really close with great precision and accuracy. I love the little white strip it has above the blades. I do not even have to use shaving cream as long as my legs are good and wet. I do not end up missing a lot of hair any more and I do not have to shave as often as I do with other razors because the BIC Comfort 3 Razor for Women with Sensitive Skin cuts so close to your skin when you use it. It does not leave me with razor burn every time and it makes my skin feel soft and smooth. I used to buy a Schick Quatro razor, but those blades are really expensive, so I bought the BIC Comfort 3 Razor for Women with Sensitive Skin when I did not have the money for my usual razor blades. They work great and are very cheap compared to replacing razor blades for any of those big ticket razors. I love BIC Comfort 3 Razors so much that I quit buying blades for my Schick Quatro altogether.



best disposable razor


I usually do not use a disposable razor because they are cheap and I believe that you get what you pay for. A lot of them are dull and leave razor burn or they just do not work like others do. This one is different. It is very sharp are works like a charm. with a lot of disposables I have to go over my legs more than once because the razor is dull and it does not work well but this one is great. One time over my legs and it was done. I have definitely changed my mind about disposable razors since trying this one. They are really easy to find because they are sold at most grocery stores in the health and beauty department or at most drug stores in the beauty department. They are inexpensive and they last a while. I use it for weeks before the blade starts getting dull. refill blades for other razors are expensive but I thought they were worth it now I am seriously reconsidering my decision then. Great product definitely recommend it.



Bic Comfort 3 Razor just gets the job done


I get these because they are cheap, but they definitely are not the best. I usually have to shave again within like another day. Also they are not the best when it comes to keeping razor bumps at bay. My skin sometimes gets irritated because of the little sliver of moisturizer strip. This does not always happen because I use a shaving cream or shower gel, but the fact that it does happen is a little annoying. However, I cannot really complain because you get what you pay for. If you are looking for a quality razor, this is not the one for you. If, however, you are looking for a cheap razor that will just get the job done, this will work. It also helps that you get quite a few in a pack and usually get bonus razors.

Country Club Hills, IL


This BIC razor is great!


The BIC confort 3 razor for women- Sensitive Skin is great. To begin with, it is very conforting when you are shaving because it doesn't cut you as much as other razors do. Second, it's great for sensitive skin and doesn't cause much razor burn. Yay!!! Third, The BIC confort 3 razor stays sharp for long periods of time and it doesn't rust, so you don't have to throw it away every time you use it. Finally, the conditioning strip works greats and moisturizes your legs while your shaving, I really like that part. I love The BIC Confort 3 Razor for Women and so would you. BIC did a really, really awesome job designing this razor and they should give them themselves a real big pat on the back. :-)

Richland, MO


Bic Comfort 3 offers all the features you want at a low price!


I've always had very sensitive skin, so naturally all the products I buy and use on my body have to be gentle. For several years now I've been partial to the Bic Comfort 3 series for women. They come in pink or blue (I happen to have the blue ones right now) and work great on even the most sensitive of skin. I'm one of those people who sees shaving my legs as a chore (having to do this is one of my biggest pet peeves) but using this product makes it not seem so bad. They are among the most inexpensive disposable razors you can buy, which puts them at the top of my list. They also have a triple blade razor edge that seems to stay sharp much longer than other competitors' brands do. I can use a single razor quite a few times before I feel it's time to throw it out and use the next one, so the value factor is big here. I also like the fact that they shave very close to the skin and with just one swipe, as opposed to going over your leg again and again to try to get the hair off. I also can't recall ever being nicked or cut with this brand of razor. If you have sensitive skin, the Bic Comfort 3 is worth a try!

Spartanburg, SC


Bic Comfort 3 Razor is anything but comfortable.


I dont usually use this type of razor.I used the Bic Comfort 3 for Women -Sensitive Skin in a pinch.I went on a trip and had forgotten to bring the razor I use with me.I ran out real quick and purchased this razor at the store closest to the hotel I was staying in.The Bic Comfort 3 is by far the worst razor I have ever used.This razor did more than cut the hair on my legs it also cut my legs up too.I found it very hard to shave with this razor without cutting myself.My legs were not only bleeding but also very itchy as well.When I woke up the next morning and saw my legs I was in a panic.I am not sure if I had developed a rash or if it was razor burn.That morning my legs looked terrible.I had angry looking red bumps all over my legs.It was very uncomfortable and traumatic for me. I will never use another Bic product again that is for sure.I think maybe Bic should stick to making pens and lighters.

Peebles, OH


Been using this razor since high school.


This razor is a classic.  It's been around forever!  I, personally, have been using this particular brand since High School.  I've tried more expensive razors, I've tried Electric Razors, and none of them work as well as this one.  The blade stays sharp a long time; one razor lasts me a few months.  Also it has a good grip, so your hand doesn't slip around like with some razors.

Jacksonville, NC


BIC Comfort 3 Razor for Women - Sensitive Skin

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