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BF Goodrich
BF Goodrich - Traction TA Radial Tires

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Great traction and fine ride


Researching tires is difficult.  Each manufacturer says its tires are best.  There are not enough independent tests to make a good judgement.  Everyone's driving habits are different.  Most auto websites with tire reviews do not reflect real world conditions.  The reviewers' opinions are useless because they are only looking at performance, have two or three sets of tires for each season and/or racing, and wear out their tires by 10K because they are aggressive drivers.  I suppose those reviews would be fine if I lived in a Southern climate and drove a Rice Rocket.  Consumer Reports does not do tire reviews frequently enough or of enough different types to be of help. I have a 1998 Subaru Outback Limited Wagon.  The original tires were Michelin All Season radials.  Having never had good luck with OEM Michelins on my wife's Grand Voyagers, this set did not surprise me.  After the first set on our first Grand Voyager in 1988, we replaced the original Michelins immediately after we got the minivans home.   Michelins lost all grip in the rain after 7500 miles, and forget going anyplace if there was a hint of snow on my steep driveway, or anywhere else.  They rode hard, handled poorly (and that isn't good in a minivan that doesn't handle well to start), were noisy in town and loud on the road. We replaced the Michelins with B F Goodrich Traction TA, and we were not disappointed.  Her Grand Voyagers were completely different vehicles  with the B F Goodrich tires.  The minivans wore out before the tires did.   About the best source of tire information for my Outback was people who drive cars like mine.  I looked at their tires and asked a lot of questions.  It boiled down to two specific tires,  Bridgestone Dueler H/L's and B F Goodrich Traction TA radials.  An unofficial survey of Subaru's showed these two types were on about 90 percent of all Outback Wagons.  I replaced the Michelins at 20K with Bridgestone Dueler H/L's.  The Bridgestones were outstanding for traction, handling and ride.  They were a bit noisy on the highway.  They lasted an amazing 85K, so I guess I got my money's worth.  After much research I bought BF Goodrich Traction TA Radials, size 205 70/R15 at 105K miles.   With 26k on them, the BF Goodrich tires have proven to be winners.  They ride a bit better than the Bridgestones, and they are much quieter.  Handling is great and traction is superb.  Fuel mileage is up 2 MPH in town and on the highway.  The tires are wearing very well with rotation every 6K.  We just had the most cold and snowy winter in ten years, and nothing stopped my Outback.  We felt safe and secure driving in heavy snow and on ice in Northern Illinois, Northern Wisconsin and Northern Minnesota. As much as I liked my Bridgestones, I really like the B F Goodrich tires. A bonus was that the Traction TA's were substantially less expensive than the Bridgestones.  We have subsequently replaced the tires on our kids' New Beetle and Honda Accord with BF Goodrich Touring TA's, which are a more "civilized" version of the Traction TA's.    We are very happy with the BF Goodrich tires.  


Rockford, IL


BF Goodrich - Traction TA Radial Tires

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