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BF Goodrich
BF Goodrich Radial Long Trail T-A

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BF Goodrich Radial Long Trail T-A - Outstanding.


We purchased a set of 4 tires from Les Schwab a few years ago now and at the time my husband signed on the dotted line, I felt they were overpriced. However, we have since benefitted from years of almost seamless driving, some of which has been Interstate and my first comment would be to say that these tires have given an almost luxury-feel drive to our pick-up truck.They handle extremely well on the fast roads, in the snow and off road - we have even hauled a trailor with two quad bikes and a further full size qual bike in the flat bed. We had an incident on one occasion whilst driving on a smaller road which was gritty and stoney. We happened to drive over a screwdriver which punctured the tire and the first we knew was a hissing sound coming from our rear. My husband realised what had happened and we were able to come to a slow halt with no swurving or loss of steering in spite of the stoney conditions. I was amazed at the handling of the vehicle with these tires when it could have gone horribly wrong. Having purchased them from Les Schwab there was an element of guarantee which was pleasing. Having been through this incident, I know now why they are a little on the expensive side and next time, I would be happy to pay every penny.



Superior All-Weather Light Truck Tire


A great all-weather, all season highway light truck tire. The high tech tread design provides superior traction and handling on most every surface. Although this tire is not an all-terrain offering, it does perform well in difficult situations. For mid to full-size pickup trucks and SUVs,this tire would be a great choice for handling, comfortable ride, safety and reliability.

Perkinston, MS


all around great tires


the price is right and they lasted me for 3 1/2 years so were could i go wrong. they have great traction in all weather.these tires out lasted the more exspensive brand that i tryed . they allso have a great look and style. what more could you ask for.

Shamokin, PA


It's ok, NOT OMG this is the best bla bla bla


Came OEM on my Pathfinder. They are semi good when new but nothing special, thank god for 4WD othwise I would have spent the night at the dealer last year when I bought the car during a snow storm(aka crappy winter performance). The wet traction is nothing to brag about either. There are far more superior and less expensive tires out there, just shop around. This tire is ok but will be swapping out soon. I dont know why people are freaking out over this tire, car manufacturers get these tires at a discount thats why they are on them. And PEOPLE just because you can squeeze another 5-10,000 miles out of your already bald tires doesnt mean you should, If you crash into me and have no tread on your tires YOU WILL PAY one way or another.

Huxley, IA


These are 80,000 mile tires and are trouble free!


I had two sets of these tires on a Chevy Tahoe that I traded-in a few years ago.  The first pair last 80,000 miles.  The second set looked good when I traded the car in at 150k on the Odometer.   I bought a new Honda Pilot, at 70,000 miles I replaced the factory tires with Long Trail TA's.   The Pilot has 136k on the Odometer and the tires are in great shape! These are really good tires!!  

Lebanon, OH


Nothing is more important than my sons safety, but too expensive


**if it were not for my sons safety, i probably would not spend the money I do for these tires.  They are expensive and don't really fit into my budget which means that I have to take away money from my food, entertainment, which is not all that extravagant and little extras which also is not that extravagant.    However,   It does comfort me to know that my son is safer using these tires when driving him around and believe me, I am like a taxi driver for him and his 8000 friends.  When it snows, it, I can't play as much in parking lots  'blowing' donuts because the grip is so good......oh well, i suppose that is a good thing because that means i am safer in the sliding off the road or into another car field.**

Stoughton, MA


BF Goodrich Radial Long Trail T-A

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