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BF Goodrich
BF Goodrich Premier Touring Tires

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I absolutely love these tires.


I bought these tires for my Ford Taurus because I have always heard good things about Goodrich tires. I wanted quality tires because that helps save on gas and it makes driving much safer as well. The BF Goodrich Premier Touring Tires were the perfect fit because I drive a lot so touring tires seemed to be the way to go. The tire tred was exceptional and I have better control over the vehicle in bad weather. I live in an area that has harsh winters and the quality of these tires helps prevent me from skidding as much on snow and ice. In the rainy months, I can rest assured I wont skid out of control from puddles of water because of the thick treds on the tire that allow me better traction then other tires. Having better control on dangerous roads makes these tires worth every cent I paid for them. I have also noticed that I do not have to fill up at the pump as much either which is a blessing with the cost of gas these days.



It's a tire for year round driving


BF Goodrich Premier Touring Tires are fantastic. They create a smooth ride whether driving on the turnpike or driving through country roads with hills & bumps. They are on year 3 on my car & still feel like day 1. When the time comes around again for new tires, they will most definitely be BF Goodrich Premier Touring Tires.

Lady Lake, FL


BF Goodrich Premier Touring Tires

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