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BF Goodrich
BF Goodrich Commercial T-A Traction Tires

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A great tire for winter time.


We live on a country road and as everyone knows they do not take care of the roads. So in the winter with snow and ice you need something that will grip and hold to the road. We purchase the BF Goodrich commercial T-A Traction Tires. They have been wonderful with the gripping power in snow and also mud. When you pull on the highway from the gravel/mud road you can look in your rearview mirror and see the tires cleaning themselves. This is a tire I would say you need if you are going to be out in bad weather. The B F Goodrich tires do not wear like a lot of other tires we have had and seem to hold the tread for a long time and as you know for holding power you need that tread also helps with inspection. Another good thing and I do hope all the stores do it that sale B F Goodrich tires as mine does if there is a nail or leakage in the tire they repair it for free, this is not something that you receive for a lot of other place.

Mexico, MO


BF Goodrich Commercial T-A Traction Tires

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