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BECU - Visa Card

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BECU Visa Card offers low interest rates and rewards


BECU Visa Card with the rewards membership is great.  Not only does it offer the lowest interest rate of all the credit cards I've ever had over the years, but the rate isn't for a limited time only.  The card is offered by BECU, which limits it's membership to former and current Boeing employees and to residents of the state of Washington, so not everyone can join, but it is the best credit union I've ever belonged to.  The Visa rewards card rewards you for the purchases you put on your card, even if you pay off those purchases each month.  There is a $25 yearly fee for the rewards card, but I haven't had a single year yet when I didn't get at least $50 worth of gift cards back.  Some years I earn as much as $100.  I think it's safe to say that most of us would invest $25 in something that would give us $50 back.  The rewards vary, but they have plenty of gift cards and rewards to please everyone.  


Silverdale, WA


BECU - Visa Card

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