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BBVA Compass Bank - Platinum Visa

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Never use a Compass Bank credit card!


I had a credit card account with this bank and had no balance on it.  I was looking to move a balance from another bank and had an offer from Compass for 6.99% interest fixed for life of balance.  I accidentally used the wrong check from them (an expired one), and despite my cash advance limit being $1,000, they honored the check to the other bank for $9,500.  They charged me $380 for using their check, 21.99% interest, and $39 overlimit fee (their fees and interest knocked the card over its limit).  I called them and they refused to work with me and claimed the best offer they had for me was 6.99% for six months.  I told them I was moving the balance to another card immediately, and did.  Despite this, they charged me $75 to "lower my rate"!  All in the space of a month, they charged me over $600 just for an honest mistake which was immediately explained to them. I telephoned numerous times to speak to a supervisor and was told one would call me back - never happened.  But when they received my cut up card and my instructions to close the account, they called to argue with me!  Amazingly, the rep with the letter in her hand saying, "close my account immediately" claimed my instructions weren't clear.  I found it amazing and insulting that after moving the balance and paying them their fees, they would have a customer service rep call me to harass me and yet I never did talk to that "supervisor" they promised me.  I might mention that I have excellent credit and numerous other credit cards and offers I could have chosen - and yet they treated me like some deadbeat customer.  I can only imagine the way you would be treated if you were late making a payment, since they got their money back from me within a space of three weeks and the first payment wasn't even due yet! Do not accept credit cards from them - they will not deal fairly with you and their shameful practices stand out even in these economic times of credit card companies getting crazy with their fees.

Tyler, TX


BBVA Compass Bank - Platinum Visa

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