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BBQ Pro BBQ Grillware

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Easy To Use BBQ!


One day when I got home from work there was a BBQ Pro sitting on my porch. WOW- I was very suprised and happy! After a couple phone calls I found out that my cousin had given me his old BBQ Pro. Which by the way practically looked as if it was new! Needless to say we were having BBQ for dinner that evening & many evenings to follow. This was my first propane grill and I fell in love instantly. I couldn't believe how easy it was to use. Just turn the knob, push a button and it's on. Clean up is also a breeze. There is a section that comes out on the side that can be used as a table, it is a great place to set your tray that has built in spots to hang the utensil that we use for grilling. On the other side is a single burner perfect for if I want to boil water for rice or stir fry some vegetables to go with dinner. The single burner is also easy to turn on and off. And has easily removeable grill for quick and easy clean-up. As great as this grill has been, it has finally reach the end of it's grilling days. We have used this grill consistly for 8 years, I am not sure how long my cousin used it before that. It is a very heavy duty grill. But as with all things it's time has come to an end. We have had to put it the pile to go to the dump. It has finally cooked it's last meal. And I miss the family BBQ's all ready! I would buy a BBQ Pro, hands down! As I would also recommend them to others.

Springfield, OR


BBQ Grillware--great grill for the price


This is a great grill for someone looking to do just regular family grilling. We have really enjoyed using this grill for grilling anything from bread, to chicken, to fish, to ribs, to veggies. It's awesome. It cooks really fast and evenly. The grilling surface is large and allows you too grill a lot of food for big parties or if you wanted to grill extra to have on hand. It also has a side burner which is really nice if you had something in a pot that you needed to heat at the same time. The starter is great and starts immediately. The grill itself is very easy to clean and is very sturdy. Also, it is nice that it is on wheels so it is easy to move around. We keep our covered and next to the house, but uncover it and wheel it to the edge of the patio to grill. Also, grilling your food takes a lot of the fat and grease off of it so it really encourages healthier eating. We love our grill and rarely use our over now that we have it!

Greer, SC


BBQ Pro BBQ Grillware

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