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BBQ Pro 12 in. Disposable Charcoal Grill


Have a delicious barbecue without the fuss of clean-up with the BBQ Pro Disposable Charcoal Grill. It's the perfect choice for picnics, camping, backyards, and tailgating.

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Love it


So we get this grill for when we go to the drive in. We love it I know that sounds crazy but it's perfect for a couple steaks and some potatoes. I would give it 5 if I could reuse it.

Wayne, mi


12inch disposable bbq


these bbq pro 12 inch disposable is called pro but I do not know why you will need to add a lot of charcoal but when the fires flame gets high quickly it is because there are no vents on the bottom and on top of the grill to let in some air in with out the air coming in that is why it gets so smoky take your food out of the cooler unwrap your food now you are ready to cook have a water bottle with lots of water handy start spraying lightly when you begin cooking the best things are hot dogs hamburgers thin stake thin chicken all kinds of sausage you can cut the sausage in half down the center so it cooks better the top of theses meats mite burn and leave the inside a bit red so you have to becareful i do not like disposable grills because you can only use them a few times if you want or throw them a way after you use it but they burn up fast because they are so thin i like to bring my own portable grill with me it just seems to cook better with out burning so much i also like to wrap corn or small potatos in foil and cook themt at the same time you can roast marshmellos on a metal stick when your coals are all most done when you are done put the coals out with water



Not A Family Friendly Grill


Normally you will see these on the end-caps or end of aisles of stores in the summer months; they aren't built or designed to be used for family picnics or gatherings so don't be fooled by the appearance of it when it is in the wrapper. There are only three legs to the grill so if you are putting it on a picnic table to cook something there's a good chance that it is going to wobble. Likewise, there are only three prongs that stand up above the body of the grill to hold the circular grill rack in place. You can fit a couple of chicken breasts on it or a couple of hamburgers and hotdogs but you will have to do the buns for them in a separate batch. The charcoal you need to grill with this is not included but chances are if stores are selling these they will also have the smaller bags of charcoal so you don't have to buy a ten or twenty pound bag. This is touted as a disposable grill but you can get more than one use from it; if you are only going to use it once consider dumping the charcoal into a fire pit and making sure the ashes are completely out then leaving the grill for someone else to use. The only downside to this is that the handle on the side of the grill rack is not covered or protected so the heat from the charcoal could make it super hot so please test it out before you go to move the rack or you could end up dropping your grilled meal on the ground.



Cheap but handy to use when at the beach.


We bought several of these BBQ pro disposable charcoal grills for a overnight beach fishing trip. We didn't want to lug out a bigger grill or even have to deal with the clean up of a different portable grill. So I was so glad when I found these. They aren't the greatest constructed grills, but they are disposable and are marketed as such. So as far as constriction goes they do what they are intended to do. They definitely last for one grilling and hold plenty of meat or veggies or potatoes- really whatever you wish to grill. They aren't exactly flimsy- they just aren't made to withstand multiple uses. Since they are disposable cleaning really isn't an issue. I did keep one for more than one grilling session, and it lasted for a bit but that was probably because all I grilled on it was foil wrapped potatoes. So I can't really judge these grills on how easy they are to clean- because I never did. They are easy to use. A little assembly , but nothing major. They are sturdy enough to cook on-but do keep in mind that they aren't the sturdiest things in the world. I don't really have any major complaints about purchasing or using them, and plan to purchase more in the future. I'd rather have something not as sturdy that I didn't have to worry about cleaning which is what I've experienced buying this then lugging the big grill around.



BBQ Pro 12 in. Disposable Charcoal Grill

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