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BBQ Guys 30052 Charcoal Grill

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Crude But Large, Cheap, and Effective Grill


I was amazed by how cheap this hibachi grill was.  It's a perfect example of what China's unbelievable cheap labor rates can accomplish.  I expect that 70-90% of the cost of this grill goes into transportation.  The package weighs almost 20 lb., and for good reason.  The base is thick wrought iron (something like 3/16").  It is amazingly poorly cast; the four feet barely resemble each-other.  You have to bolt on the feet, handles, tray brackets, and baffles.  Despite the low quality materials, I had no trouble assembling the grill. In practice the grill does a fine job.  There is a small steel tray that lays in the base to hold charcoal.  The wire is fairly thin (I worry that it will rust and breakdown with age).  The grill plates slide into slots in case brackets on the back side of the grill.  The bracket on the right side of my grill was especially poorly cast, and the plate sags and can fall off (I just have to be careful).  The brackets are tall enough to adjust for the heat of your coals.  Even though the base is quite heavy, it gets hot; if it is set on a wood surface, the wood underneath the center of the base may be scorched. This is certainly not a well made product.  It works fine.  It is very substantial, and should last forever, though.

Sioux Falls, SD


BBQ Guys 30052 Charcoal Grill

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