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B&Q Portable butane stove

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Wasted Money


We bought the B&Q Portable butane stove to use for a tailgating party last summer. The stove is simple enough to start and use but isn't that great at cooking. I found it hard to keep the temperature stabilized on this stove. It seemed to be fine at first but after only a few minutes, the food was starting to burn. You really have to keep an eye on it. The design of the grill is great for small spaces and is really simple to transport. I did have a problem with keeping the stove from sliding. It helps to use on a rough surface. I found the clean up to be pretty easy, I did have to scrub a little but nothing that took too long. It has a great rugged design that seems to be very durable. If the temperature settings were different, I would not have a problem with the stove. It has been good for tailgating but that is about all I would use this stove for. I wouldn't recommend the B&Q Portable butane stove to anyone. I think it has been a waste of money for my family.



Butane vs Propane...Butane wins in my book!


Having been a full-time RV'er for nearly 14 years I have had the opportunity to use many different stoves for cooking. I had never used a butane stove until 3 years ago when I won one. I didn't think it would be any different than propane, but once I used this stove I realized it was 1) easier to set up and light 2) the fire seemed to heat foods and liquids much faster and 3) the compact all-in-one design made cleaning and storing a snap! The only drawback was finding the butane cans to use. Some sporting goods stores have them, some don't! And you don't want to order them online because they require special handling during shipping which really adds to the cost. Performance This stove out performs any other propane stove I have used. The fire is a hotter fire and it isn't quite as prone to be blown out with winds. Versatility A table top stove is designed and meant for only that...a stove! Can't BBQ on it, and can't bake on it. The only versatility that I can comment on is that it can be packed up and carried anywhere with ease. Sorry if I'm not too accurate on this particular segment because of my interpretation. Ease of Use Can't get much easier to use! Open the case, remove the stove. Set it on a level surface and hook up the butane bottle (it fits right into the stove and a safety lever snaps it down securely) Now use the automatic light button to spark and light the fire! DONE!!! Ease of Cleaning The area around the burner is pretty much sealed so you can remove the grate and wipe the surface clean. Durability Have used mine for 3 years now and haven't had a single problem with it. Even the automatic lighter spark is still working! Design Compact for easy storage and durable for use after use. Also designed to set up in 3 easy steps!



B&Q Portable butane stove

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