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thermometer covers
B-D Digital Thermometer Probe Covers

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Easy To Use But My Kids Hated Them


I have several digital thermometers and when someone starts complaining about feeling hot or sick I want to see if they are running a fever. Usually I wipe the end of the thermometer off with an alcohol wipe but wanted something that I could use without having to wait for the alcohol to evaporate. I had seen the prove covers at the pharmacy a couple of times and decided to get a box so I could line up the boys and take their temperatures one after another. They didn't like the feel of the covers on the thermometers or in their mouth under the tongues; I thought that they might just need to get used to the feel of the cover under their tongue but that wasn't the case. The prove covers do fit almost all flat digital thermometers and can help to reduce the spread of germs but if kids don't like the feel of them then they are going to be a wasted purchase. You get fifty of the covers in a package and they are individually sealed; to use them just open the one end of the packet and slide the thermometer into it. When you are done with it, dispose of the cover in the trash. Do not flush them because they will end up clogging your pipes. I have never tried these with regular standard thermometers and I don't know if you will get an accurate temperature reading from them if you use the covers on them. Even though my kids hated these when they were younger i think they are a great idea for anyone that has kids or runs a home daycare. They can cut down on the chance of germ transfer and eliminate the need to sanitize the thermometer after each use or between uses.



The B-D Digital Thermometer Probe Covers are great.


The B-D Digital Thermometer Probe Covers is great to use, so that you wont catch the same cold as the person you are using the thermometer on.  That person could more than the flu that you could catch is the reason to use a digital thermometer probe cover on the thermometer.  These digital thermometer probe covers are used one time only and then throwed away.  That is what so good about these covers you never have to use the same one more than once.  I would promote this product to all my friends and family.  This is an great item for anyone that has childern that stays sick or families that have illness.  I love this product because it covers the tip of the thermometer and keeps your family safe from illness.  This product is great on your budget and on your health.  The digital thermometer probe covers are great for seasonally sickness.  This is a practical product that will help you with any kind of illness the family has.  

Louisville, GA


Keeps Germs to One Person


The **B-D Digital Thermometer Probe Cover**s fit any brand of digital thermometer** **and work well for both oral and rectal use. They come packaged 30 to a box so they last a long time.**The covers are sanitary:**I remember the old days when you would have to swab down a thermometer every time it was used with alcohol and pray it killed all of the germs.  With **B-D Digital Thermometer Probe Covers** you don't have to worry anymore.  The cover takes the germs to the trash.  **The covers are a cinch to use:  **Just insert the thermometer into the sheath and peel the outer protective sleeve tab [similar to a band-aid covering] to reveal the new probe cover.  The thermometer is ready to use as usual.**The covers are Disposable:**Use each cover once and throw away.  That's all there is to it.  Grab with a tissue or piece of TP and toss- germs and all.**Summary:**These are a must have item for your first aid kit.  The covers help protect other family members from germs, are more sanitary than alcohol swabs and are completely disposable.  Great idea!

Northern, FL


B-D Digital Thermometer Probe Covers

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