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Azelex Azelex

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Azelex is a miracle medicine for acne and rosacea


I have just gotten a prescription for Azelex cream from my doctor for stubborn acne/rosacea. I was very skeptical and upset at first because he did not give me the medicine I came in asking for, but I tried it anyway and now am so glad I did. It literally starting clearing up some of my bumps over night. When I woke up the next morning I was surprised to see the bumps were smaller, the redness was subsiding and it just gets better everyday. My skin has a nice matte finish, not that yucky greasy feeling it has been for so long. It does sting a little the first few times it is put on but it only lasts for a little awhile and the stinging is less after a week or so. This also works very well under makeup, it does not dry my skin at all.


Rochester, MN


Azelex Azelex

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