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Axe shampoo

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Axe shampoo is great for guys and smells good.


AXE Shampoo is one of my favorite shampoo brands. It really blends a good smelling fragrance with a strong, rich lather. I have used a lot of other brands, but axe seems to be one of the best that I use.  AXE has come out with a lot of different varieties and scents to choose from, but the one that comes in the blue bottle is my favorite. One thing that I like about AXE shampoo is that it seems to strengthen my hair. I do  recommend however that if you buy AXE Shampoo, that you also buy the conditioner as well. If you use the shampoo without the conditioner, your hair tends to get  a little dry and you certainly do not want that. If you are a young guy looking for a good smelling shampoo that with keep your hair strong and clean, then AXE shampoo is right for you. It is pretty reasonably priced and you don't have to use a ton to get your hair clean. Again, make sure you check out AXE conditioner as well.

Urbandale, IA


Axe shampoo

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