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Axe Phoenix

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Decent for a budget, but not my first choice


I have used Axe products on many occasions and this specific scent is no different than any other they make - cheap and effective in a pinch, but far too overbearing of a scent to use when trying to make a good impression. The scent is potent and chemically, and not nearly as natural as more expensive scents such as the ones made by brands like Estee Lauder, Gucci, versaci, etc. The upside is that Axe Phoenix is cheap and lasts a very long time, perfect for situations in which one needs a little extra bang for their buck.  Of all the Axe products i have have used however, I liked the scent of Phoenix much more than any other product they offer because the scent was slightly less intense than other axe products i have tried. Overall, I thought Axe phoenix was a decent cologne, because it stuck to my clothes long after I put it on and the scent was much more subtle than some of the more overbearing scents Axe offers. However, it doesn't surpass the "average" rating for me because the scent, as good as it may be for an Axe product, still doesn't compare to those swankier, more subtle designer scents.


Murrieta, CA


Axe Phoenix

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