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Axe Face Wash

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An effective facial cleanser


My husband really likes Axe products, so when I saw an Axe gift set on sale, I bought it. The face wash was part of a gift set that included deodorant, body spray, and a sponge. I've noticed the full price of Axe products is a bit higher than I'd normally pay, but if I can find them on sale I will buy them. Both my husband and myself have used the face wash. He likes it because it smells "manly." It is packaged in a convenient tube that is easy to use. It's clear and slightly thick in consistency. It is lightly scented, which I don't really care for. It smells too "manly" for me. This face wash lathers well and rinses clean. It did not do anything amazing for my skin. To be fair, though, it really didn't claim to. Axe face wash is a surprisingly decent product, but I will only purchase it when it is on sale and I have a high value coupon to use. The full price of this product is just not worth it in my opinion.



Axe Face Wash

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