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Axe Deodorant Stick Phoenix 90 ml 3 Pack $4.49 X 3 for Men

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phoniex by axe just turns me on.


I have loved the smell of phoniex by axe since it first came out. I buy my man all of the phoniex by axe products for him. I just love the smell of it. I even spray it when he is not around just to smell it. I have got alot of ladies that feel the same way over it. Some times we use it as an air freshner. It also keeps my man smelling good after a hard days work. It really last and works very well it is my favorite product for males. Espically if the job thay have  that makes them work hard and sweat alot. It keeps them dry and smelling good. I buy it for both of my sons too. They also like the way it works and keeps them dry. My oldest is a power lifter and he sweats some thing aweful when he is working out. The thing i like also about it is they are coming out with more products of it like shampoo and hair gel and body wash. I would recommend axe products to any one that wants some thing that works and smells good.


Fenton, MI


Axe Deodorant Stick Phoenix 90 ml 3 Pack $4.49 X 3 for Men

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