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Axe Charged Spiked-up Look Putty

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FINGER, RUB, SPREAD,AXE because girls don't like crusty hair!


***HAIR MATTERS!*** I can't stress that enough, and when it comes to hair, there's so many directions to go! Axe understands that there is a product for every hairstyle, and delivers! **EVERYONE IS DIFFRENT, and wants different things! **If you DO want the look on the back of the can the product even tells you what to do in simple "man terms" "***FINGER, RUB, SPREAD***** **(for a) touchable spiked up look"  So if you have short hair and and want a casual spiky/edgy look, with a good smell, READ ON!!! ***I'm a 20 year old guy, ***Girls are MY LIFE, and hair gets me girls! It's not brain surgery! I haven't tried EVERYTHING, but I have tried allot of stuff, and know to ***measure twice cut once. ***I would recommend that no one buy a product because I liked it, you might like chocolate more then vanilla! ***Axe Charged Spiked-up Look Putty, ***Is a really unique hair care product, and even experts aren't really to sure how to describe it! It's not wax, or gel. It gives a natural stick/hold that wax can't, and doesn't crust or look wet like gel. It's the only putty product I've ever tried, but it works about the same as a stronger wax. Each hairstyle for each hair type requires different amounts. It smells like some sort of soap, and lucky it's subtle and isn't a problem, however it will mix with your shampoo, **BE AWARE**. It doesn't give it a G2B super hold, and won't last overnight, If it gets on your face, it could cause trouble, I have mild acne, and haven't noticed it causing any breakouts, but always something to avoid! ***Final words: ***I can't tell you if this product is for you or not! I can give you a basic understanding of what it does, and what it's for. My advice is always to ask someone with your desired haircut what they use and follow there advice! 

Vincennes, IN


Axe Charged Spiked-up Look Putty

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