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Dandruff Shampoo
Axe Armor

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Axe Armor, I can wear black.


I do have an irritating problem/ issue. I've got flakes.Its embarrassing when my wing-man or a new acquaintance brushes the unsightly dander off of my shoulder. I itch as well. When I scratch, step back, put on a dust mask, it gets everywhere.   Unlike the commercial, the girls didn't bum rush me and forcefully wash my hair. Agirlfriend did make the conscious decision to hand me the bottle. What a sweetheart.    It has an easy open and closed push button top. No worries about dropping that darn cap. Push the button on the side and the top pops up. To close, just push the lid down  and it clicks shut.   The product is actually two in one (shampoo and conditioner). The active ingredient is zinc. Once I dispense and massage it in to my scalp, "Oooh".  I love that that tingle. You know its's working. I am very happy with Axe: Armor. No need to condition my hair with extra, heavy hair conditioner because it is already in there. I smells good too.

Cocoa, FL


Axe Armor

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