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Avon mark Self Sanctuary Lemon Sugar Scent (All products)

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Avon Mark Lemon Sugar products smell yum enough to eat!


I love Avon and Mark fragrance products, so when this one came out I thought it sounded like a neat new scent, and I love food and sustenance fragrances, so I decided to give it a try! I love how the Mark Self Sanctuary Lemon Sugar Scent products come in sets!!  I got the lotion first and when I smelled it, I was so excited!  It smells like sugar crystals evaporated from the lightest of lemonades and then mixed with vanilla essence and bottled up for me to put on my skin!!  I definitely got the rest of the set.  I love the scrub!  The lotion is wonderful, nice and light.  Moisturizing, but light, so it's a wonderful spring and summer product.  The spritz has a good amount of product in it.  The scent lasts for a few hours, it is not strong but so delicious!!   The packaging of this is pretty, the pink decoration and the colors are so cute!   I can order the scrub, the lotion, the spritz, etc.  Layering scents always make them last longer and be more strong!

Shawnee, OK


LOVE IT!!!! Have the whole set.


LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!!, This is only one set of my most favored products by AVON. I love the Fresh, Rejuvinating smell. The scent **lasts me ALL DAY** when I layer the fragrance and it doesn't over power your senses like most scents do. It's deffinetly a wake up kinda Fragrance.

Tallahassee, FL


Avon mark Self Sanctuary Lemon Sugar Scent (All products)

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