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Avon mark Need a Shrink? Pore Minimizer Lotion

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And who says you can't reduce the appearance of pores?!


I am 24 years old and I have always been self concious about the appearance of my pores since I was a young teenager.  I have found that several popular beauty magazines have published claims that there is no possible way to reduce the size of your pores, but this Need a Shrink? Pore Minimizing Lotion by Avon really seems to make it possible!  I have been using Avon's Need a Shirnk?  Pore Minimizier Lotion every day for the almost three months and I absolutely love this lotion.  I now swear by it!  I can really tell the difference in the texture of my skin and the appearance of my pores and I have highly recommended this 'miracle cream' to a number of close friends and they have decided to try it out and experienced the same exact results!  The best part, I was able to get a sample from my local Avon representative and so I was really sold on the product before I ever spent a dime.  After using up my sample, I went ahead and purchased 2 bottles, just to make sure I wouldn't ever have to live with out it! 

New Albany, OH


Avon mark Need a Shrink? Pore Minimizer Lotion

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