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Avon Volumizing Mousse

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This mousse is great!


The thing that I hate about mousse and hair products that I hate more than anything else is how my hair always happens to feel scrunchy and stiff after applying it. With rather thin hair and being blonde, it is very apparent when my hair is scrunchy. With that being said, I absolutely love this product! It lasts forever. I only have to apply about half of which I usually have to apply to my hair with other mousses. It feels super lightweight and doesn't drag my hair down during the day, which when having natural pin straight hair is a big concern. The scent is really subtle and it doesn't smell like alcohol like most mousses do. The only concern with this product, as with any other Avon product is that you have to make sure you preorder your refill for this mousse at least a few weeks ahead of time since you just can't run out and buy this at your local store! I love this product and would highly recommend it!



best product I have found for fine hair volumizing


My hair has a new "bounce" to it..This is the best hair care product I have purchased in a long time. Avon Volumizng Mousse has brought my fine hair back to life.  Over the past several years my hair has become very fine and limp.  I have tried numerous products to give it volume and keep its shape and something that had a nice smell. Avon VolumizingMousse does just that and it smells GREAT to boot!  Avon Volumizing Mousse has a thick texture (unlike some other mousse products) and you don't need a lot to get great results.  I use a small amount in my hand and run my comb or brush through it, then through my hair. It keeps my hair in place all day long and it feels natural. I feel like I have a full head of hair again!  For anyone struggling with fine hair problems, this is a product worth trying.  The pricing is comparable with other products, however, it lasts much longer since you don't have to use as much. I would recommend Avon Volumizing Mousse for anyone looking for added voulume.

Richland Center, WI


Avon Volumizing Mousse

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