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Avon True Pore-Fection Skin Refining Toner

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Good for Oily skin!


If you have oily skin, chances are you have larger pores as well. I wish this product wasn't discontinued by Avon, otherwise it really helped shrink large pores in the T zone area and keep skin tone looking even. I'm sure you can still buy this on ebay though. This came in a set, a True Pore fection face wash, moisturizer, and this toner. The face wash and toner worked great, the moisturizer wasn't so great. What I like about this toner formula is it is really gentle. My skin is also acne/breakout prone and ultra sensitive, so this toner did not thankfully irritate my skin. It smells okay...lightly scented, nothing fantastic. It gets used up pretty fast though. Overall, I recommend it! It doesn't need to be used with the other products in the series.

Baldwinsville, NY


Pore-fection is perfection!!!


I use this effective yet gentle toner daily. I have fairly sensitive skin, and is does not over dry or irritate, I always use a good moisturizer as well though.  I love this line, especially for those of us who had the misconception that breakouts and acne stopped after 19. Where we wrong or what? I find it to be very affordable, effective, and good for my skin as something to keep those pesky occasional pimples from flaring up, while keeping my skin in good shape.   Warning, it does have some sort of white substance in it, besure you shake it before using it.

Fresno, CA


Avon True Pore-Fection Skin Refining Toner

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