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Avon Straight and Sleek

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I really like Avons Sleek and Smooth Shampoo


I am a very busy mom who has little time to spend on getting my hair ready for the day.  I hate how my hair would look frizzy and ou of control with jst a blow dry.  I used to have to blow dry and then straighten my hair.  This would always lead to dry damamged hair.  But since I iscovred Avon's Sleek and Smooth Shampoo I find tat my hairlooks great after nothign more then a quick blow dry.  I am so greatful for this product.  I would definately recommend it to anyone who doesn't have a lot of time bt wants their har to look good,

Tucson, AZ


Avon's Straight and Sleek shampoo Is AWESOME!!!!!!!!


Avon's straight and sleek shampoo Is I will say they best shampoo I have ever used.  I have through my life found something I thought I liked and a few months after realized it was not as good as I thought.  I have been using this shampoo for about a year now and love it.  My Whole household uses it.  I have told others about it and several are now using it too!!  I can use this shampoo and feel like I do not need to use a conditioner.  I have color treated hair and that normally is not an option for me but with this shampoo I can.  I have been a hairstylist for about 15 years and I would recommend this anyone who was to walk into my salon.  This shampoo smooths the hair not really to straighten it but to make sure there are no frizzies.  I feel like each one of my strands of hair has been encased and it just flows great together!!!!!

Irving, TX


Can't beat the price for a good product


This is a great shampoo and better than the brands i was buying.Sleek and straight shampoo from Avon is better than Panteen and sauve for me.It gave me a nice non greasy shine.I also think my hair straightner worked better.When its on sell I buy several at a time.

Park Hills, MO


Hair looks great, but doesn't leave it flat.


Avon had a great line of shampoos and conditioners.  My teen daughter uses this one to get the "straight hair" look. I like it because her hair still has bounce and shine without looking flat and "oily" like some products.

Mexico, MO


Avon Straight and Sleek

4.5 4