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Avon Solutions a.m./p.m. Ageless Results Day Cream and Night Cream

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Nothing Better!


I bought some of this ageless moisturizer as an experiment a few years ago and haven't regretted the purchase at all. I have since bought three more jars. I have very fair skin, so for me it is an absolute must that my morning moisturizer has an SPF in it. This specific moisturizer has SPF 15, which is perfect when combined with the SPF in my foundation as well. Between the two of them on my face, I never have to wear sunscreen. It is nice knowing that I have sun coverage just by putting on moisturizer! I also love how smooth these moisturizers are. I just take a shower, apply my moisturizer, and then put on the rest of my makeup. I have dry skin, and this routine seems to work perfectly for my skin. I have had other moisturizers that I've had to wait to apply after taking a shower because they weren't as absorbent, but this one works just fine like that. The pm moisturizer also works great when I apply it directly after washing my face before bed. It isn't slimy like other moisturizers, so it is very comfortable to sleep in.




Good buy


My coworked introduced me to the Avon day and night under/over eye cream and I absolutely love it.  I started using it about a month or more ago and have noticed a big difference in fine lines, dark circles, skin discoloration and just the overall condition of the skin around my eyes.  I have tried other treatments but none seem to be as effective as this treatment.  It dries quickly which is nice because I am typically in a hurry in the morning so I can start putting my make up on not long after the application has been applied around my eyes.  If you are like me and have a hard time staying on a face regimen then with the quick results I am sure this will give you the incentive to stay on the regimen.  I have also found if you skip an application here and there it doesnt seem to have any great downturn.  I just pick back up and keep going.  Since purchasing this product I have gone on to buy a night cream from Avon as well.


Blanchard, OK


Works great


**I bought the Avon AM Solutions & PM Solutions Ageless Results Cream because i need to start taking care of myself and looking good (in my 30s) Even tho i still feel like a teen. I love the product. The am cream makes my skin softer and it doesnt have a heavy fragrance. The Pm cream also makes my skin soft and their is a fragrance but not to heavy. I'm almost out of it but will be buying more soon. **


Westminster, CO


Miracle in a Jar


I recently received this product as a free gift with a new face cleansing system I wanted to try from avon.  I must say this stuff is amazing.  I suffer from dark circles and puffy eyes and this stuff in 2 days did what all those home remedies and spa like products clame to do in a week.  I haven't seen my eyes look this healthy and young since I was in high school. Not only does this stuff work wonders, but it is incredibly easy to use.  Just dab a little bit on under your eyes morning and night and TA-DA! You have healthy eyes that don't look like you have lost weeks of sleep from chasing the kids any more.  I never thought it would be something so simple that would work this well.  In combination with the Solutions AM/PM Ageless facial cleanser I couldn't ask for a better skin care regimen.  So simple and easy and results that make you want to keep using it.  I have been using the eye cream now for 2 months and have never forgotten a day because I am so excited about the results.


Renton, WA


Avon Solutions a.m./p.m. Ageless Results Day Cream and Night Cream

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