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Avon Solutions Winter Nourishing Night Cream

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Avon Solutions Winter Nourishing Night Cream does just that.


I went onto the Avon website and picked out a bunch of products that were either on sale, cheap, or what I really wanted to try. This way I got free shipping and handling. One of the products that I recently finished is the Avon Solutions Winter Nourishing Night Cream. Even though I live in Florida my skin tends to dry out with the heat. The 50 ml. 1.7 fluid ounce jar is a good size, and I found that I only needed a small amount before heading to bed, to make my skin feel softer, and hydrated. I love that it contains Vitamin E, and has a really thick texture to it. In the morning I didn't feel that I had to wash my face, cleanse it, and applying a daytime moisturizer, as the Avon Nourishing Night Cream had kept it moist. I am planning on heading back over to the website, and buying more. Effectiveness Felt as if it was putting moisture into my face. Ease of Application I dabbed it on my face, and then gently rubbed it in. Scent Light fragrance, which I like.

New Port Richey, FL


Avon Solutions Winter cream solved my winter dry skin issues!


This product helps extremely dry skin look healthier within 7 days. Formulated with Pro-Vitamin B-5 it helps relieve severe symptoms. I suffer from extremely dry winter skin and dermatitis on my face. This is the only product that has helped me with my flaky winter skin. I am so glad that I found this product as it repairs my skin while I sleep and I wake up to smoother, hydrated skin. I also use this product to treat dry knees, elbows and cracked skin on my hands... Works like a charm every time. For a perfect spa pedicure, I soak my feet in warm water and a drop of olive oil. Dry feet well, and apply this product under socks for amazingly softer feet and heels. Also helps to soothe dry cuticles. For face, I recommend washing with Avon's Solutions Winter Fabulously Clean Cleanser first and then applying Solutions winter nourishing night cream. I trust this product to treat a severe case of dermatitis which causes flaking and noticeable red spots - It actually calmed the problem ... This product is amazing!********

Hernando, FL


Avon's Solutions (winter) moisturizing cream renews your shine!


I found that this product was great in restoring the moisture to my face and the confidence to my strut. It's a great product that delivers on its promise and is always easy to use! I recommend this product to every one. I could literally feel it working, it was so refreshing and left my skin feeling soft and beautiful. I'm getting more compliments and I feel great! It even smells good! I'm not kidding, it does! And that makes it even better because it clears your sinuses and helps wake you up. I love this product, it rocks!

Ladysmith, WI


Avon Solutions Winter Nourishing Night Cream

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