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Anti-Aging Eye Creams
Avon Solutions Advanced Eye Perfector

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I love this stuff


I started using this when it first came out on the 90's. I had used it up until Avon discontinued it. I have tried to find something comparable, and I haven't been able to. I am using something kind of close,but it's just not the same.

Northwood, Ohio


Avon Advanced Eye Perfector Works Great


This item was the first eye gel from Avon that I ever tried out and it is my favorite. It is very light - there is no fragrance, which is helpful, since it is being used in the eye area. I use it every morning and night. In addition, it feels very refreshing. Not only does it provide moisture to my eye area, it also helps to reduce the puffiness in that area, which I also have a problem with. I like how light it is - some eye creams are really heavy and sting somewhat when I apply it, but that is definitely not the case with the Advanced Eye Perfector gel. I don't need to use too much, either, so it will last longer, too. This is an item that I would wholeheartedly recommend; it is worth the money.

Bensalem, PA


The avon advance eye perfector really works


The avon advance eye perfector really works I am a busy mom that hardly sleeps so therefore get bags under my eyes. I had bought the avon advance eye perfector just to see if it works. I've used it daily and it minimized my bags and my eyes well look a lot healthier. Along with repairing the bags under my eyes it brightened my eyes also, that I also have to admit. I have to add even though the avon advanced eye perfector is a life saver to the women that suffers with bags under their eyes, it has to be used constantly. There was a time when I ran out and had to wait for my order to come in and it is not so effective then. But besides that I highly recommend the avon advanced eye perfector it is inexpensive also which that is also a plus with the economy nowadays. I have used the avon advance eye perfector now for about  two years now and my eyes look as if I was 15 years old again,I feel younger thanks to this wonderful product.

Chicago, IL


advance eye prefect is average product made my wrinkles worst.


 Avon Advance eye perfector was a okay eye cream.  I used the cream every night for several weeks. At first the wrinkles or crows feet around my eyes seem to decrease but I became exetremily dry around my eyes , and the lines became more visible it appeared I had more lines than before using the cream.  I stop using the cream for several weeks and then started using again two to three times a week.  The lines started smoothing out again,but it was a cream that I cannot use on a daily bases because of drying the skin around my eyes. I still use the cream on occassion but I wouldn't recommend to use daily. Maybe I have very sensitive skin around the eye area than normal.  I feel if you have few wrinkles around the eyes this would be a cream you might want to use. I wouldn't use it for long periods of time. The cream doesn't have a nice scent at all and has become sort of waterer over time. Make sure you kinda stir to make sure the mixture is well blended before using.

Martinsville, VA


Goes on smooth and makes a difference!


You'll love this pale apricot cream that fights dark circles under your eyes like a champion! I bought Avon's Solutions Eye Advanced Eye Perfector on sale but will buy it full price from now on. Didn't cause redness on my senistive skin either! Wonder if I can use it all over my face....

Colorado Springs, CO


Avon Solutions Advanced Eye Perfector

4.4 5