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Avon Smooth Minerals Eyeshadow - All Shades

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Good for your skin but weak on color


I like bright, bold colors that last in my eyeshadows; that being said, I did not buy this brand myself but rather was given some as a gift. So I thought there was nothing to lose in trying them out. The pros: Very good for your eyes, very safe; not artificial dyes and such that could cause reactions so these would be a good fit for anyone who has makeup sensitivities. They also do a great job of keeping down the oil on your eyelids; it soaks it up and cuts down on the shine. They have a silky feel going on and don't lay heavy on your skin, and if you do happen to get some in your eyes it's not nearly as harmful as most eyeshadows. The cons; I had to put on a large amount just to get some color and shine from these; they're just too light to hold up well and they flaked off slowly over several hours until I had very little left on before too long. Because they lack some of the chemical compounds they don't grip your skin too well either so any brush against them can case your entire eye makeup to be ruined and smudged badly.



Avon Smooth Minerals Eyeshadows are heavenly !


Rarely do I find a product that I love wholly and completely, one that I can't find anything negative about. I have found this again in Avon Smooth Minerals Eye Shadows. I own Golden Moss and Enchanted Lilac. I love the sounds of the names ! Golden moss is a gorgeous earthy color that is infused with gold. Enchanted Lilac is a lovely, sweet color that reminds me of fairies. I can't wait to purchase more of the colors with names like like Midnight Mauve, Russet Rock, and Rose Quartz. I also have to repurchase Golden Moss because my two year old loves to play in my makeup drawer and ended up spilling most of it :[ The good thing about Avon is that they're always having sales and the prices are pretty low. They also have satisfaction guarantees, so it's not much of a risk if you don't like it. Also, they're usually up on the trends in the beauty world (hence the Smooth Minerals line), and they've really got a good thing going with this one. The eye shadows are light, so you add more to get the desired look. I absolutely love them !

Matthews, NC


Great eyeshadow that gives you flexability for different looks.


I love Avon eye makeup.  And this product is no exception.  My sister-in-law introduced me to Avon a couple of years ago, and she started me with this mineral eyeshadow.  This was the first mineral makeup I ever tried and I have loved using it.  There are many colors to choose from and because it is so cheap, you can get a bunch to do all different kinds of looks.  I also like that you can change the look of any color by putting on more or less to get a darker or lighter color.  The only complaint I have about it is that the color doesn't go on uniformly on my eyelids, so I put a really light one on first so that the darker color looks smoother.  But, I will still keep using it and would recommend it to anyone to use.  It is easy to use and I like the container as well.  Their eyeshadow brush works perfectly with this product container and is also priced really well.  Overall, I think Avon makes great products.

Lawrence, KS


Amazing eyes in no time..


My daughter gave me some for Mother's day. They are great. They blend well, and last all day. They are worth the price. I love the colors. I have ordered extra colors. The brush that comes with it, is helpful in getting it on just right. Great product, great price. 

Minden, LA


Avon Smooth Minerals Eyeshadow - All Shades

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