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Avon Skin So Soft Roll-On Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

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I think this is a great product


When I first saw this a couple of weeks ago I decided to try it along with some of the other SSS "silk" products I ordered and have been very pleased with all of them. Typical of roll on deodorants, it is intially wet but this one does dry quickly and does not leave any visible residue under my arms or on clothes. The fragrance is soft and, for me, lasts all day so this one is now in close competition with my all time favorite, AVON's "Sweet Honesty." Last but not least, you can't beat the price and I have just ordered more so I won't run out. This smells so pretty and it does last all day. For a roll on deodorant I found that it actually dried fast but I still prefer a stick. If you like roll ons then give this a try because the fragrance really is beautiful and light. I've tried a bunch of Avon deodorants- this one is definitely my new favorite.  It does take a minute or two to dry, but it's worth it to have something that WORKS!

Daytona Beach, FL


This Skin So Soft Deodorant was very good to use


I got this deodorant from my sister as part of a bath set gift given to me for Christmas last year. This is by far the best roll-on deodorant I have ever tried. When I tried other store and/or name brand roll-on deodorants, they were so uncomfortable to wear. Those roll-on deodorants left your underarms still wet and it was very sticky to the touch. Those roll-on deodorants would also ruin your clothes because the roll-on deodorant never really absorbed into the skin, it would just sit there on the surface of your skin to fight underarm odors. That's not how a real roll-on deodorant should work. I loved this Avon Skin So Soft Deodorant for so many reasons. The first reason why I liked the deodorant was because the minute you put the deodorant on your underarms, the absorbed into the skin right away. The second reason why I liked this roll-on is because the deodorant dried really fast. The third reason why I liked it was because your clothes don't get ruined by this deodorant nor does it leave white marks on your clothes after using the roll-on. Finally, the roll-on deodorant softens your skin and it contains castor oil, which is good at softening your skin. I really liked the LIght & Lush scent and it smelled like a combination of citrus and other fruits mixed in together. I would recommend this to my friends.

Russellville, AR


Grew up using it


 I grew up with Avon in my house.  My mom and my grandmother were Avon representative. In fact only my Grandmother is still selling Avon, she just loves it.  I had been using the Skin So Soft Roll on for many years and have no regrets about it. I find that it controls my underarm body odor extremely well. It goes on and dries very quickly and leave little to no residue that could be deemed noticeable.  It comes in two sizes, small and large and the roll-on bottles are very cute and colorful as they reflect the fragrance inside. Sometimes I ask the question if Avon goes out of business then what will I use? Some years ago, out of curiosity I went into the supermarket and looked at all the brand deodorants that they have. I tried most of them but to my dismay they did not satisfy me the way Avon did.  I love Avon and the different variety fragrances that they have. They even have fragrance for men and that too smells very good. Avon has been consistent for many years and if the products were not good and were not selling they would not still be in business. I just hope that they continue to be in business for many, many more years to come. I would recommend everyone to give it a try. They are inexpensive and are of good quality. Now I use other fragrances.

Mount Vernon, NY


Avon Skin So Soft Roll-On Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

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