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Avon Skin So Soft Renew & Refresh Age-Defying+ Renewing Body Moisturizer

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makes skin very soft


I've been using Avon Skin So Soft products for a long time. They're inexpensive and smell great. I bought this Skin So Soft Renew & Refresh Age-Defying + Renewing Body Moisturizer to use on my legs, feet and elbows. It did a really good job at moisturizing and smells really nice. I like that it doesn't give me any problems. I don't have any wrinkles on my legs, but they did look a little better after using this. I don't know about the age defying properties of this lotion, but it does a great job as a regular lotion. This mostuizer is great for sensitive skin, dry skin, even oily skin because it is light weight and non greasy. I like that I can order it from Avon's website, so that I don't have to use a representative if I don't want to. I wish they sold this in stores, but a bottle will last me several months. I will continue to use and recommend Avon Skin So Soft Renew & Refresh Age Defying+ Renewing Body Moisturizer.

Inverness, FL


SKIN SO SOFT Renew & Refresh Age-Defying+ Corrective Neck & Ches


  I really impressed with a product that Avon sells it's the  neck and chest décolleté cream. Sine I purchased Avon décolleté cream I use it on my face and chest daily.I hope that Avon keeps this product on the market because I am sure that that will be buying the décolleté cream for a very long time.

Greensburg, PA


avon age cream is one of the best that I have used


Avon anti ageing cream is one of the best creams that I have brought. I was really surprised that it was all that was said about the cream reduced wrinkles brighter skin tone well worth the money and does not cost as much as other creams that are out there

Lancaster, CA


Avon Age Deffying gets the job done


Avon Age Defying cream seems to get the job done. It is very simple to use which I need simplicity in my hectic life. Smooth it on at night before bed and it does all the work for you. I wake up feeling very moiusturized, soft and supple.Avon Age Defying cream is very inexpensive and seems to give equal results to the elaborately high priced treatments that are on the market today. I would recommend this to anyone that needs to help the condition of their skin.As I have aged, my skin seems to get drier and drier. I swim alot and the chlorine drys it a lot too. With this cream, I'm finding the dryness to be improved immensely.I cheat sometimes and apply it during the day as well for that extra supple feeling, especially when I feel like my skin is cracking.I also use other Avon skin products. I keep with one Brand because it is more effective to do so. All the Avon products work with each other to give you the best results.So, give it a try and start maving softer skin.

Phoenix, AZ


A below average product for the Skin-So-Soft products.


*I purchased this age-defying overnight corrective hand treatment because I can pretty much trust anything Avon says in their description of the product - it is what it says it is...* *but this has such a "leftover greasy feel" that I had to wipe my hands off in a towel.  I tried using less lotion, but then I couldn"t spread the lotion over my hands.* *This hand treatment is to minimize the appearance of age spots and even out my skin tone, I am still waiting for that to happen.* *I have been using this for 2 weeks and there is no improvement in the look of my hands and I guess I will keep trying.*  

Caledonia, WI


avon works on the wrinkles


it works wonders for your face!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am starting to feel old because im in my twenties and i did not realize how i felt about aging until i bought this product. i'm so glad that i bought the avon cream for the face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now i feel like i am sixteen again and i do not feel old at all. i will make sure to recommend this to everyone i know because everyone should feel as young as i do.  now when i am 30 i can look 20.  thats how it works                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               try it!!!

San Marcos, TX


Avon age defying lotion is the bomb


My Avon Age Defying Cream is the bomb. I have used it for several years. I have tried others and always come back to Avon. It is easy to place an order through my Avon representive, although there are now other ways to buy it, online, telephone and via mail.The prices are much less expensive than department store brands and you have the hassle free return policy on any product. I would recommend anyone trying an Avon product.

La Grange, KY


Avon Skin So Soft Renew & Refresh Age-Defying+ Renewing Body Moisturizer

3.7 7