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Avon Skin So Soft Rejuvenating Peel-Off Hand Mask

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Save your money--do not buy this product!!


This is the worst product I've ever purchased from Avon!  I love most of their other products but this one just doesn't work.  As I said earlier-it doesn't dry which makes it very difficult to take off of your hands.  Please-save your money!


Mount Sterling, OH


Elmer's Glue or rubber cement work better than this hand peel!


***Quick View:*** This hand peel is silly. It feels like Elmer's glue on the hands and won't dry! I like the glue better!***About Avon Skin So Soft Rejuvenating Peel-Off Hand Mask 3.4 fl oz***This peel is made to exfoliate the hands and make them look younger. It comes in a squeeze tube and the peel is clear, thick, and sticky. The peel if to be applied to the back of the hands and fingers, then dried. Once dried, it should be peeled off. It sounded promising. Hands need exfoliation to stay young and a peel is a cool idea. It was a disappointment.The peel doesn't have much of a scent that I could discern. It oozed out and I spread thickly on my hands. Flashbacks of when I used to play with Elmer's Glue. I actually loved the feeling of glue drying and peeling it off. But this peel didn't dry! I waited and waited and it stayed wet and tacky. After about 35 minutes, I gave up and tried to peel it and only tiny pieces came off. I finally rolled it off like I used to do with rubber cement (Yes, I did play with a lot of school supplies! lol.).***My Viewpoint***The peel did nothing for my hands and made a mess. I will not use it again nor will I repurchase. What a disappointment. I will just use my hand scrub to exfoliate and leave the peels for my face.*** 2 stars.***


The heart of , NY


Skin so soft peel off hand mask was interesting.


I received this product from my old avon lady as a 'gift'. The renewing lotion is very strange, however, it does seem to peel the dead skin away. The downside is that you have to use over the sink or the garbage can or outside, and then it says that you have to watch the sun. Living in NJ during the winter is stressful on my hands and face. I get severly dry skin and i am always working with my hands. I am a scrapbooker and I work in a retail job as well. This product seems to do the trick, except i don't like that you have to rub hands together until the stuff flakes off. It feels weird, I guess that's what im trying to say. After rubbing your hands together, they feel nice.  Its like putting your hands through a short parafin wax treatment. Its a quick pick me up for deathly hands.  Reasonably priced and user friendly.  


Newton, NJ


Avon Skin So Soft Rejuvenating Peel-Off Hand Mask

2.0 3