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Avon Skin So Soft Microwave Wax Hair Removal Kit

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This is an okay product


I have very mixed feelings about this product. It's cheap and convenient which is great. It doesn't require a trip to the spa. It also doesn't work as well as a professional would. The wax is messy and not a great consistency. If you really need hair removal fast, this would work okay. If you want a quality waxing I would recommend trying a different brand or just going to a professional.



Avon skin so soft wax hair removal kit is all I will ever use.


I have been using the Avon Skin-So-Soft microwave wax kit for the past five years and I will continue to use it for ease of application and outstanding results.  No other wax heats up quickly and does not leave my skin irrated after use.  An oil that is part of the kit helps any irritation that does come about, but I hardly ever use it.  I use it around my lip area and eyebrow area as well as sideburn hairs.  I also have noticed with constant use my hair has been growing out thinner and less in those areas.  I even use it on my husband who has hair growing around his earlobe.  For years he was embarassed but now everytime I wax my face he comes around so that I may wax his ears.  If a man is willing to be waxed that shows that the wax is very much reliable and not as painful to apply and peel off as one may think.  I highly recommend one to contact his or her local Avon representative and buy this product.

Mission, TX


Avon Skin So Soft Microwave Wax Hair Removal Kit

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